Cell-and-Nuclear-Division Related Question Answers

1. Large protein molecules are prevented to get through the

2. An Ammonia is

3. Movement of air out of the lungs can be made difficult due to

4. Cancer of white blood cells can be referred to as

5. All is true for dicotyledons but

6. Sum of all the biochemical reactions in the body are referred to as

7. Result of rapid and continual divisions in

8. Distal Convoluted tubule exists in

9. Which one has higher water potential?

10. Most common disaccharides include

11. The proximal convoluted tubule has many

12. The thickest part in the three layers of arteries, is

13. The monomer of nucleic acid is

14. A matured gene that causes cancer is called

15. Oral rehydration therapy largely consists of water and

16. Sodium-potassium (NA+ -K+) pump is a type of

17. Which of these can not be assessed by an examiner or a physician?

18. Total number of different genes in human can

19. The hydrophilic R group is found in the

20. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is formed by the

21. The term "Onkos" refers to

22. Each DNA molecule in a nucleus makes an identical copy of itself

23. Glycosidic bond is formed by joining α-glucose with

24. Outer membrane of the proximal convoluted tubule has many

25. Naturally occur carcinogens include

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