Cell-Cycle Related Question Answers

101. Which of the following is not a function of iron?

102. In reverse phase chromatography, the stationary phase is made

103. Which of the following carbohydrate is effective in promoting the calcium absorption?

104. In electron transport, electrons ultimately pass to

105. Which one is not studied in microbiology?

106. The last step in synthesis of peptidoglycan is

107. Which is most likely to be exposed on the surface of a gram-negative bacterium?

108. In oxygenic photosynthesis, the electron donor is

109. Hexose monophosphate pathway is also known as

110. Counter-immunoelectrophoresis is used for the detection of

111. Which of the following bacteria can grow in acidic pH?

112. When concentration of the reactants is higher than the equilibrium concentration then

113. Protein portion of an enzyme when it is combined with organic molecule is termed as

114. The size of a single plant cell is usually within the range of

115. Fatty acids are oxidized to acetyl-CoA by which of the following pathways?

116. Oxidation of a molecule involves

117. Which of the following is not a significant biological oxidizing agent?

118. Micelles of fatty acids in water are organized such that the __________ faces the solvent and the __________ are directed toward the interior

119. Which of the following nucleoside diphosphates is used most often in carbohydrate anabolism?

120. Cholestrol is the precursor of

121. How do you turn a signal recorded in the time domain into a frequency domain signal?

122. What is the main source of natural fluoride?

123. The test (s) based on the principle of toxin neutralization is/are

124. A mutagen is defined as

125. The acquisition energy by glucose fermentation requires

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