Cell-Cycle Related Question Answers

76. All membranes of free-living organisms have phospholipid bilayers, but exception is

77. Overactivity of Th cells may result into

78. Bacteria having no flagella are unable to

79. A medium containing crystal violet dye plus sodium deoxycholate will allow

80. The oldest eukaryotic organisms are considered to be

81. Where the acyl-CoA formed in the cytosol is transported for oxidation?

82. The GC trace obtained after an experiment is called a

83. Gram-negative bacterium is/are

84. For gene transfer to be effective, transforming DNA must be

85. In the glycogen synthase reaction, the precursor to glycogen is

86. The most prominent role that tocopherol has in in-vitro systems is as a strong

87. Selective media facilitate growth of only one kind of organism. Saboraud medium is used to selectively isolate

88. Which of the following from a blood clot stimulates the growth of cells in the healing process?

89. A person with phenylketonuria cannot convert

90. Which of the following microorganisms is classified as a member of archaebacteria?

91. Why must the radiation source for fluorescence spectrometry be more powerful than for absorption spectroscopy?

92. Which of the following catalyze liberation of orthophosphate from organic P compounds and inorganic pyrophosphate ?

93. Generation time is

94. Most of the enzymes of the citric acid cycle in a eukaryotic cell are located in the

95. Malate-asparatate shuttle operates in

96. How many ATP equivalents per mole of glucose input are required for gluconeogenesis?

97. A positive redox potential means substance has

98. Which of the following statements about mitosis is incorrect?

99. The arrangement, in which flagella are distributed all round the bacterial cell, is known as

100. Additional mono saccharides are added in Golgi to produce

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