Cell-Cycle Related Question Answers

26. Mac-Conkey medium is an example of

27. Pseudomonas pseudoflava can grow as

28. HPLC methods include

29. How many molecules of acetyl-CoA are produced in oxidation of palmitic acid (C16), which involves seven rounds of oxidation?

30. The PCR, polymerase chain reaction is becoming the method of choice for

31. The cell reproduction in bacteria may occur by

32. Which of the following structure is absent in eukaryotic cells?

33. Which of the following mineral is involved in the enzyme -controlled energy yielding reactions of metabolism?

34. In aerobic respiration, the compound that enters a mitochondrion is

35. Differentiation of four different bases in automated sequencing systems is that each base has

36. Transamination is the process where

37. The main site for gluconeogenesis is

38. Which of the following is true about cell wall of gram-positive bacteria?

39. Carbon dioxide is reduced in

40. The cells dependent solely on glucose as an energy source are

41. Autotrophic bacteria are those which

42. The common word for bacteria which are spherical in shape is

43. Coliform bacteria on fermentation of carbohydrates yields

44. Nutrient content and biological structures are considered as

45. The production of sufficient acid by fermentation of glucose leads to decrease in pH such that pH of the medium falls below 4.5. Which of the following test can detect it?

46. Cyanobacteria have

47. An organism that expends energy to grow in a habitat with a low water activity in order to maintain internal solute concentrations to retain water is

48. The cooci which mostly occur in single or pairs are

49. The symptoms of retinol excess are

50. The promoter on an expression vector used to overproduce proteins in bacteria is

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