Business- Related Question Answers

1. I.B.R.D. aims at

2. What is the purpose of setting up the Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (National Credit Fund for Women) ?

3. Pollution control system through Economic Incentives(i) Places decision making for pollution control in the hands of those most familiar with pollution control options - polluters.(ii) Keeps cost high so no scope for innovation.(iii) Keeps cost low and also to spur innovation.

4. The leaching loss of Nitrogen (N) is more in the form of–

5. Indian production of the tea in the world stands—

6. Which elements are useful in energy storage, transfer and bonding ?

7. Dr. Rivoli defines the necessary ingredients for entrepreneurial success as

8. One of the problems in calculating the national income in India correctly is?

9. Though India adopted the Parliamentary System from U.K. But the major difference between the parliamentary systems obtained in U.k.and India is that of the

10. India's first Greenfield Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was set up ?

11. There are inequalities in income and wealth distribution in India. This implies

12. Which of the following costs are not included in the definition of ‘Costs to sell’:

13. Which state is in the corn belt?

14. Which is not an inorganic matter in the following?

15. Which of the following programmes is not for rural poverty eradication ?

16. Which of the Following states developed 'Uzavaar Sandies'- an innovative model in agricultural marketing which involved direct sale of farm produce to the consumers?

17. The theory of fundamental rights implies?

18. The justification behind nationalization of banks was

19. Which of the following has been started to supplement NREP ?

20. Which of the following best defines free trade ?

21. Among Indian Economists who had done pioneering work on National Income?

22. According to the census of 1991, the average annual exponential growth rate over 1981 was

23. As per population census 2001 in which state literacy rate is lowest ?

24. Tilt angle of a disc plough is generally-

25. Which of the following is not viewed as a national debt ?

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