Bonds-and-Bond-Valuation Related Question Answers

51. If the coupon rate is more than going rate of interest then the bond will be sold

52. According to top rating agencies S&P the triple-A and double-A rating bonds are classified as

53. The coupon payment of bond which is fixed at time of issuance of bond

54. The bond whose price will rise above its face value is classified as

55. The required rate of return in calculating bond's cashflow is also classified as

56. The rate of return (in percentages) consists of

57. The premium which reflects possibility of issuer who does not pay principal amoutn of bonds is called

58. The coupon payment is calculated with the help of interest rate, then this rate is

59. The market in which bonds are traded over-the-counter than in an organized exchange is classified as

60. The treasury bonds are exposed to additional risks that includes

61. The falling interest rate leads change to bondholder income which is

62. The price of an outstanding bond decreases when the market rate

63. The reinvestment risk of bond's is higher on

64. The annual interest payment divided by current price of bond is considered as

65. The price of an outstanding bond increases when the market rate

66. The type of bonds that are issued by foreign governments or foreign corporations are classified as

67. If the bond's call provision is practiced in first year of issuance then that additional payment is classified as

68. The bonds issued by government and is backed by U.S government are classified as

69. The rate of interest which is usually discussed by investors whenever the rate of return is discussed is classified as

70. The value generally promises to pay at maturity date and the firm borrows is considered as bond's

71. The coupon rate of the bond is also called

72. The outstanding bonds are also classified as

73. The bond call provision that is not even practiced even after several years of issuance is classified as

74. The right held with the corporations to call the issued bonds for redemption is considered as

75. The price of bond when calculated below its par value is classified as

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