Bonds-and-Bond-Valuation Related Question Answers

26. According to top rating agencies S&P the double-B and other lower grade bonds are classified as

27. The unsecured bonds which is designated to only notes payable or all other debt are classified as

28. The specific day at which bond value is repaid is considered as

29. The payment divided by the par value is classified as

30. The bond's promised rate of return is also considered as

31. The second mortgages pledged against bond's security are referred as

32. The increase in interest rate leads to decline in value of

33. The interest yield = 7.9% and capital gains yield = 2.5% then the total rate of return is

34. The premium charged by lenders for the securities that cannot be converted into cash is classified as

35. The bonds issued by local and state governments and have default risk are

36. The official entity that represents the bondholders and ensure the rules stated in indenture is classified as

37. The type of bond in which the payments are made on the basis of inflation index is classified as

38. The protective covenant devised in the market to reduce event risk and to control debt cost is classified as

39. The yield of interest rate which is below than coupon rate then this yield is classified as

40. The rate denoted as r* is best classified as

41. The real risk-free rate is applicable when it is expected that there will be

42. The bonds with the deferred call have the protection which is classified as

43. The bonds that have high liquidity premium are usually

44. The reinvestment risk of bond's is usually higher on

45. The risk of fall in income because of fall in interest rates in future is classified as

46. The interest rate which is used in calculation of cash flows of bonds is called

47. If the coupon rate is less than going rate of interest then the bond will be sold

48. The bond that has been issued in very recent timing is classified as

49. The average inflation rate which is expected over the life of security is classified as

50. The unsecured bond that provides no lien against property as security for the bond obligation is classified as

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