Bonds-and-Bond-Valuation Related Question Answers

1. The coupon rate of convertible bond is

2. The bonds issued by small companies tend to have

3. The rate on debt that increases as soon the market rises is classified as

4. The bonds having zero default risk are classified as

5. The effect of interest rate risk and investment risk on a bond's yield is classified as

6. The long period of bond maturity leads to

7. The type of bonds that pays no coupon payment but provide little appreciation are classified as

8. If the default probability is zero and the bond is not called then the yield to maturity is

9. The usage of proceeds of new issue to retire issue with high-rate is classified as

10. The difference between bond's yield and any other security yield having same maturities is considered as

11. The type of options that permit the bond holder to buy stocks at stated price are classified as

12. The legal document in which the rights of issuing corporation and bondholders is stated is classified as

13. The inflation rate included in quoted interest rate on security is the inflation rate

14. The bonds issued by corporations and are exposed to default risk are classified as

15. The stated value of the bonds or the face value is considered as

16. The bond which is offered below its face value is classified as

17. If market interest rate rise above the coupon rate then the bond will be sold

18. The inflation rate included in the bond's interest rates is the one which is the inflation rate

19. The redemption option which protect investors against interest rate rise is considered as

20. The tax free bonds issued for the welfare by industrial agencies or pollution control agencies are classified as

21. The bonds that can be converted into the shares of common stock are classified as

22. The indexed bonds that are issued by linking payments to inflation are classified as

23. The maturity date decided at the time of issuance of bond and is legally permissible is classified as

24. If the coupon rate is equal to going rate of interest then the bond will be sold

25. The bond which is issued in market and few days are passed of its issuance is classified as

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