Biochemistry-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Eukaryotic plasma membraneis made up of all except:

2. Proteins are linear polymers of amino acids.They fold into compact structures.Sometimes,these folded structures associate to form homo-or hetero-dimers.Which one of the following refers to this associated form?

3. DNA supercoiling is done by -

4. Starvation and diabetes mellitus can lead on to ketoacidosis which of the following features is in favour of ketoacidosis due to diabetes mellitus

5. In TCA cycle, CO2 is released from -

6. In G-6PD deficiency patient hemolysis is due to decrease in -

7. Glycogen phosphorylase co-enzyme associated with ?

8. After overnight facing,levels of glucose tranporters reduced in:

9. Photolyase helps in -

10. Tyrosinase is -

11. The 40 nm gap in between the tropocollagen molecule in collagen which serve as the site of bone formation is occupied by which of the following -

12. DNA finger printing is done by -

13. Menadione is analog of ?

14. At isoelectric pH protein -

15. Detergent action of bile salt is due to -

16. During sexual differentiation in males -

17. A child presents with metabolic lactic acidosis along with hyperammonemia and convulsion is due to

18. DNA polymerase have -

19. A newborn infant refuses breast milk since the 2nd day of birth, vomits on force-feeding but accepts glucose-water, develops diarrhea on the third day, by 5th day she is jaundiced with liver enlargement and eyes show signs of cataract. Urinary reducing sugar was positive but blood glucose estimated by glucose oxidation method was found low. The most likely cause is deficiency of -

20. Leucine-Zipper complex is -

21. Starting material for production of insulin from bacteria is -

22. The pathway that can produce energy even in the absence of O2 is -

23. Which of the following has highest electrophoretic mobility and least lipid content -

24. Autosomal recessive disease are -

25. Enzyme replacement is done for ?

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