Beer-And-Wine Related Question Answers

76. How many pins are in an EDF10K70 package?

77. An op-amp integrator has a square-wave input. The output should be

78. The technique of assigning a memory address to each I/O device in the computer system is called:

79. Which of the following commands will configure all the default VTY ports on a router?

80. What VHDL techniques are used to describe a priority encoder?

81. The implementation of simplified sum-of-products expressions may be easily implemented into actual logic circuits using all universal ________ gates with little or no increase in circuit complexity. (Select the response for the blank space that will

82. Which of the following is true for the ale beer?

83. What is the minimum voltage required before a diode will allow current to flow between the cathode and the anode?

84. MOV A, @ R1 will:

85. The output of an exclusive-NOR gate is 1. Which input combination is correct?

86. The terminal count of a 3-bit binary counter in the DOWN mode is ________.

87. You want to implement a mechanism that automates the IP configuration, including IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS information. Which protocol will you use to accomplish this?

88. The most common type of diode failure is a(n) ________.

89. You are troubleshooting a connectivity problem in your corporate network and want to isolate the problem. You suspect that a router on the route to an unreachable network is at fault. What IOS user exec command should you issue?

90. Which statement describes a spanning-tree network that has converged?

91. Duration of horizontal sync pulse is

92. The FM modulation index:

93. How long does it take to complete fermentation process in case of red wine?

94. The germination of barley kernels under controlled temperature and humidity to generate enzymes for the degradation of starch and protein is known as

95. Which is not an operand?

96. 10 Mbps

97. What is the result of taking more samples during the quantization process?

98. What do we call the manipulation of an analog signal in a digital domain?

99. A 12 MHz clock frequency is applied to a cascaded counter containing a modulus-5 counter, a modulus-8 counter, and a modulus-10 counter. The lowest output frequency possible is ________.

100. You have your laptop directly connected into a router\'s Ethernet port. Which of the following are among the requirements for the copy flash tftp command to be successful? 1.TFTP server software must be running on the router. 2.TFTP serv

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