Beer-And-Wine Related Question Answers

26. Which statement(s) about IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are true? 1.An IPv6 address is 32 bits long, represented in hexidecimal. 2.An IPv6 address is 128 bits long, represented in decimal. 3.An IPv4 address is 32 bits long, represented in decimal

27. Why is the Gray code more practical to use when coding the position of a rotating shaft?

28. A truth table with output columns numbered 0–15 may be for which type of decoder IC?

29. How many terminals does a 7800 series IC regulator have?

30. Which statement BEST describes the operation of a negative-edge-triggered D flip-flop?

31. What command will display the forward/filter table?

32. What is the maximum delay that can occur if four flip-flops are connected as a ripple counter and each flip-flop has propagation delays of tPHL = 22 ns and tPLH = 15 ns?

33. What is the minimum frequency at which a crystal will oscillate?

34. What is the address range of a Class B network address in binary?

35. What is another name for a one-shot?

36. What do the mathematical symbols A < b and A > B mean?

37. How many exclusive-NOR gates would be required for an 8-bit comparator circuit?

38. When grouping cells within a K-map, the cells must be combined in groups of ________.

39. What is the major difference between UNIX and LINUX?

40. For a forward-biased diode, as temperature is ________, the forward current ________ for a given value of forward voltage.

41. The process of designing a synchronous counter that will count in a nonbinary manner is primarily based on:

42. Occasionally, a particular logic expression will be of no consequence in the operation of a circuit, such as a BCD-to-decimal converter. These result in ________terms in the K-map and can be treated as either ________ or ________, in order to _______

43. Your workstation is on a LAN. You can successfully ping other hosts on the same network but are unable to ping a host outside your network. Which command(s) will help you diagnose the problem?

44. How many inputs are required for a 1-of-16 decoder?

45. Which of the following best describes the output of a 566 voltage-controlled oscillator?

46. A ripple counter\'s speed is limited by the propagation delay of:

47. A 4-bit up/down binary counter is in the DOWN mode and in the 1100 state. To what state does the counter go on the next clock pulse?

48. In what decade was the first transistor created?

49. A 4-bit R/2R D/A converter has a reference of 5 V. What is the analog output for the input code 0101?

50. In the bash shell, command history is controlled by which group of the following environment variables?

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