Basic-Gk Related Question Answers

51. Cortes Generales is the name of the Parliament of which one of the following countries?

52. Many times, we read a term `ISO'. What is the full form of the same?

53. Which one among the following languages has largest number of speakers in the world

54. Bones are pneumatic in

55. The Island of which Kalimantan ia a part,is-

56. Antobodies that participate in the defense mechanisms of our body are

57. A microwave oven uses -

58. The number of players on each side in baseball is -

59. Which of the following is an endangered species?

60. Coupling and repulsion are the two states of -

61. Pollutant from motor car exhaust that causes mental disease is

62. Which is the first and single city in India where "Mono Rail" is in operation?

63. Which of the following was selected as capital by Kanishka?

64. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2015 held at -

65. Which of the Following State became the first state to Introduced Public Service Guarantee Act 2010?

66. The reign of which of the following is usually considered to have been the Golden Period of Mughal Rule in India?

67. Which among the following countries has given a grant of US $ 1 billion for the reconstruction of the Nalanda University?

68. It is 12 noon at Greenwich. What will be the time at a place situated at 55$dG east longitude?

69. What is the occupation of the people of polar region?

70. Who among the following was the last to be initiated in his religion by Gautama Buddha?

71. What is the name of the batch file that is automatically run when MSDOS is booted ?

72. The age of the solar system is

73. SAARC Disaster Management Centre has been inaugurated in

74. The lockjaw is a pathological condition of

75. Scientists at the Tomato Genome Consortium (TGC) successfully sequenced the genomes of which of the following vegetables?

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