Basic-Chemistry Related Question Answers

51. The gas molecules differ in their diameters from distance by

52. The first spectrometer used to determine isotopes was

53. The species having a negative or positive charge are

54. Relative atomic mass of Cu is

55. The instrument use to measure the exact atomic masses is

56. Theoretical yield is decreased by

57. Sulphur has charge of

58. The number of isotopes occupied by carbon is

59. The one molecule of water contains oxygen atoms which are

60. The number of unstable isotopes is

61. The amount of KOH used in combustion analysis is

62. The number of atoms or molecule present in one molar mass of an entity is known as

63. The mass spectrometer use to determine isotopes in solid state is

64. The isotopes of cadmium are

65. In mass spectrometer M/E is plotted on

66. The instrument use to collect ions is

67. The gram atomic mass of usually occuring uranium is

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