Basic-Chemistry Related Question Answers

26. Molecular ions are generated by passing

27. The amount of oxygen in combustion analysis is determined by method of

28. The number of radioactive isotopes is

29. The number of subatomic particles in atoms is more than

30. A molecule is a smallest particle which can exist

31. The mass of one molecule of sulphuric acid is

32. The relationships which can be studied by stoichiometry are

33. The number of isotopes which oxygen atom has are

34. The ions having positive charges are

35. The mass of one mole of water molecule is

36. The example of atom having single isotope is

37. The most abundant molecular ions are

38. Moleis defined as mass of an element divided by

39. Elements with even number of isotopes are

40. The atomic mass of phosphorus is

41. Molecular formula is determined by multiplying n with

42. The molecule of methane contains four

43. Atomic mass is mass of carbon taken as

44. The products which are obtained in a chemical reaction is

45. The formula showing simplest whole number ratio is

46. Isotopes present in nature are

47. The 1 atomic mass unit is equal to

48. The ordinary microscope can measure up to

49. The word atom was derived from

50. In accelerating chamber of mass spectrometer potential difference is

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