Basic-Chemistry Related Question Answers

1. Isotopes differ in the number of

2. The branch of chemistry showing quantitative relationship between reactants and products is

3. The value of molar volume is

4. Atom was a name given by

5. Law of definite proportion is obeyed in

6. Isotopes of calcium are

7. The number of isotopes occupied by Palladium is

8. The empirical formula of benzene is similar to

9. The units by which hydrogen atom is lighter than haemoglobin is

10. The properties in whichisotopes differ are

11. The number of isotopes of tin is

12. A negative ion is called as

13. C3H4O3 is empirical formula for vitamin

14. The unstable isotopes are produced by artificial

15. Aluminium has charge of positive

16. John Dalton evidenced the existence of atoms in

17. Relative number of ions in mass spectrometer is plotted as

18. Ascorbic acid is another name for vitamin

19. Isotopes have same

20. A macromolecule found in blood is

21. Metals usually form

22. The molecules expressed by formula unit mass are

23. In ionization chamber vapors are bombarded with fast moving

24. Phenomenon of isotopy was discovered by

25. The masses of atoms or molecules expressed in grams is known as

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