Animal-Cell-Culture-And-Regulation Related Question Answers

1. Which of the following is semi-continuous (diploid) cell line?

2. The aerated submerged bacterial fermentation to produce vitamin B12 employs strains of

3. Bacteria which produces coagulase is

4. Which of the following media is selective for Salmonella?

5. The procapsid is assembled with the aid of __________ proteins.

6. Transmission of bubonic plague is by

7. Colonies resembling molar teeth are produced by

8. The death of a river by environmental pollutants ultimately results from

9. The viral nucleocapsid is the combination of

10. Immunity is not long lasting to

11. Which of the following is used only in life-threatening situations when no other drug is adequate?

12. When was the genetic code completed?

13. Guanine always binds to

14. Which of the following is correct for isoantigens?

15. __________ protein keeps the prophage dormant and prevents virus reproduction.

16. Quinolones are

17. In Widal test, the significant titre for O agglutinins is generally

18. Water molds belong to which division?

19. Viral matrix proteins are

20. Which of the following conditions can be caused by Plesiomonas?

21. The enzyme which converts optically active isomers of lactic acid to the optically inactive racemic mixture is

22. Bipolar staining is characteristic of

23. Which of the following act as the blueprint or template for the process of protein synthesis that takes place on ribosomes?

24. Which of the following does not represent a human disease caused by fungi?

25. The use of microbes to break down synthetic waste products such as polychlorinated biphenyls is called

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