Anatomy-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Which of the following arteriesgives arterial supply to ACL ?

2. Branches of coeliac axis are all except -

3. Which of the following is not derivative of mesoderm -

4. Nerve damaged due to lunate dislocation (in carpal tunnel)-

5. Which of the following is not a part of Epithalamus -

6. Urogenital Diaphragm is made up of the following,Except:

7. Cremasteric muscle is supplied by -

8. True about boundaries of lesser sac -

9. The only medial branch of external carotid artery is:

10. Liver is divided in 2 halves by all, except -

11. Middle meningeal artery is a branch of artery -

12. All are nuclei of the basal ganglia except -

13. All of the following structures pass through the inguinal canal in females,Except:

14. Which of the following statement is true regarding the relation of bile duct -

15. Which of the following does not supply the palate -

16. Structures not passing through inferior cerebellar peduncle -

17. Structure formed from Mesonephric duct is ?

18. In Ulnar nerve injury in arm, all of the following are seen except -

19. In the fracture of middle cranial fossa,absence of tears would be due to lesion in:

20. All of the following muscles have dual nerve supply, except -

21. Cell junctions which allow exchange of cytoplasmic molecules between two cells are called:

22. Superficial veins of the upper limb are located in which plane ?

23. Posterior communicating artery a branch of

24. Correct relationship of structures at hilum of kidney from anterior to posterior is

25. Aqueduct of sylvius is present at the level of:

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