Analyzing-Business-Markets Related Question Answers

1. With the passage of time, the new-buy situations become

2. The buying situation in which purchases are ordered from suppliers on an approved list is classified as

3. The stronger buyer and seller ties are facilitated in

4. In business markets, the technical sources are of great importance in the

5. The buying center includes all the organizations who play roles as

6. The business buyers convert all the benefits and costs into

7. The relationship which requires less cooperation's and exchange of information is classified as

8. The industries such as media buying, energy management and advertising agencies are classified as

9. The buying situation in which suppliers make effort to maintain materials quality is classified as

10. The process of allowing flexibility for unanticipated events is classified as

11. New task buying process passes through the stages such as

12. The business markets buy phases includes

13. The more geographically concentrated buyer are part of

14. Mostly in business markets, the number of buyers are

15. The recognition of extrinsic and interpersonal influences emphasize [emphasize on strengthening of

16. The market which consists the large number of buyers of product that are supplied, rented or sold to others is classified as

17. The buying mode which requires additionally participants at buyer's and supplier's end is best classified as

18. The purchasing agents of the companies in business markets dominates the

19. The demand which is not affected by price ranges is classified as

20. The establishing of dams, irrigation and sanitation systems, pipelines and utilities are examples of

21. The industries centered as plastics, chemicals and papers are classified as

22. The eight stages buying process is called

23. The people in companies who authorize the action of deciders or buyers are classified as

24. The individuals or groups that influence buying decision and provide information of alternatives are classified as

25. When customers are given with the perspective that allows the company to put its best services forward are classified as

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