Advanced-gk Related Question Answers

1. Von Neumann architecture is

2. Which of the following uses overflow pages?

3. Regular expression (a | b ) (a | b) denotes the set

4. An intermediate code form is

5. The hexadecimal number A23F is represented in binary by 7 is

6. A Program Counter contains a number 825 and address part of the instruction containsthe number 24. The effective address in the relative address mode, when an instructionis read from the memory is

7. A parser which is a variant of top-down parsing without backtracking is

8. In which of the following page replacement policies Balady’s anomaly occurs?

9. A scientist is running an experiment with two species of bacteria that grow exponentially. If species A doubles in population every 2 days, species B doubles in population every 5 days and each species began the experiment with a population of 50 bac

10. In Reverse Polish notation, expression A*B C*D is written as

11. Total 16 packets are sent. Since go-back-n error control strategy is used, all packets after a lost packet are sent again.The address of a class B host is to be split into subnets with a 6-bit subnet number. What is the maximum number of subnets and

12. If w ∈ (a, b)* satisfy abw = wab, then (w) is

13. Which two files are used during operation of the DBMS

14. The best way to compare the different implementations of symbol table is to compare the time required to

15. Which of the memory management techniques mat restricts the degree of multiprogramming?

16. The total time to prepare a disk drive mechanism for a block of data to be readfrom is its

17. The collection of information stored in a database of a particular moment is ____________

18. Station A needs to send a message consisting of 9 packets to Station B using a sliding window (window size 3) and go-back-n error control strategy. All packets are ready and immediately available for transmission. If every 5th packet that A transmits

19. The string (a) | ((b) * (c)) is equivalent to

20. A base register table

21. Associative memory is some times called as

22. One of the header fields in an IP datagram is the Time to Live (TTL) field. Which of the following statements best explains the need for this field?

23. In which addressing mode the operand is given explicitly in the instruction

24. What is the directed broadcast address for IP address – and subnet mask is

25. What will be the maximum size of the packet in Ethernet?

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