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1. A buffer that is most effective at a pH of about 4.5 is;

2. A child presents with hepatomegaly and bilateral lenticular opacities.Deficiency of which of the following enzymes will not cause such features.

3. A child presents with metabolic lactic acidosis along with hyperammonemia and convulsion is due to

4. 1st product of tryptophan catabolism is ?

5. A 10-year-old child with aggressive behavior and poor concentration is brought with presenting complaints of joint pain and reduced urinary output.Mother gives history of self mutilitative behavior stating that he tends to mutilate his fingers.Which of the following enzymes is likely to be deficient in this child?

6. A middle aged woman on oral contraceptives for many years,developed neurological symptoms such as depression,irritability,nervousness and mental confusion.Her hemoglobin level was 8g/dl.Biochemical investigations revealed that she was excreting highly elevated concentrations of xanthurenic acid in urine.She also showed high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in serum.All of the above findings are most probably related to vitamin B6 deficiency caused by prolonged oral contraceptive use except:

7. A newborn infant refuses breast milk since the 2nd day of birth,vomits on force-feeding but accepts glucose-water,develops diarrhea on the third day,by 5th day she is jaundiced with liver enlargement and eyes show signs of cataract.Urinary reducing sugar was positive but blood glucose estimated by glucose oxidation method was found low.The most likely cause is deficiency of:

8. A patient was diagnosed with isolated increase in LDL. His father and brother had the same disease with increased cholesterol. The likely diagnosis is

9. A person on a fat free carbohtdrate rich diet continues to grow obese.Which of the following lipoproteins is likely to be elevated in his blood?

10. A common feature of all serine proteases is:

11. A person who is running the main source of energy he will using in 1st minute is ?

12. A destitute woman is admitted to the hospital with altered sensorium and dehydration;urine analysis shows mild proteinuria and no sugar;what other test would be desirable:

13. A protein estimation test is confused with

14. A genetic disorder renders fructose 1,6-biphosphatase in liver less sensitive to regulation by fructose 2,6-biphosphate.All of the following metabolic changes are observed in this disorder except:

15. A marker of Golgi apparatus is

16. Absorption of Iron is increased by ?

17. A segment of a eukaryotic gene that is not represented in the mature messenger RNA is known as:

18. A small Ca+2 binding protein that modifies the activity of many enzymes and other proteins in response to changes of Ca2concentration,is known as:

19. A transporter has a Km for glucose of 45 mM and a V max of 36 micro-moles glucose sec/mg of transporter. If the glucose concentration in peripheral blood is 15 mM, what will the rate of glucose transport (in micro-moles glucose/sec/mg transporter) be ?

20. A young man finds that every time he eats dairy products he feels very uncomfortable.His stomach becomes distended he develops gas and diarrhea frequently.These symptoms do not appears when he eats foods other than dairy products.Which of the following is the most likely enzyme in which this young man is deficient?

21. Accumulation of sphingomyelin in phagocytic cells is feature of

22. After digestion by restriction endonucleases DNA strands can be joined again by

23. After digestion by restriction endonucleases DNA strands can be joined again by-

24. After overnight facing,levels of glucose tranporters reduced in:

25. Acetyl coA can be directly converted to all except

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