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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 976

48801. What is the approximate resistance setting of a rheostat in which 750 mA of current flows with a 150 V source?

48802. Chemoprophylaxis can be done for the following except:

48803. While the first commercial low temperature coal carbonisation plant is located at Neyveli (in Chennai), the second such plant has been built at

48804. Mandal Commission established for reservation for backward classes submitted its report in-

48805. __________ is an addition polymer

48806. At a photocopy center, the first 10 copies cost x cents each. Each of the next 50 copies costs 5 cents less per copy. From the 61st copy on, the cost is 2 cents per copy. In terms of x, how much does it cost in cents to have 200 copies made?

48807. Mira is a -

48808. एका वर्तुळाची त्रिज्‍या 5 यें.मी. ने वाढविल्‍यास क्षेत्रफळ किती टक्‍यानी वाढेल.

48809. भीमा नदिच्या खोर्‍यात दक्षिणेकडे ___________ ही डोंगर रांग आहे.

48810. मूर्तिपूजा और तीर्थयात्रा में अविश्वाश प्रकट करने के साथ-साथ जातिप्रथा का घोर विरोध करने वाले संत थे -

48811. The distribution is considered leptokurtic if

48812. यदि RED को कूट -संकेतों में 6720 लिखा जाता है तो GREEN के कूट - संकेत क्या होंगे ?

48813. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

48814. Finding new segments and new users which can result in increased consumption of market offering is said to be

48815. शासकीय उधारी का कितना अंश ब्याज लौटाने के अलावा अन्य खर्चा पूरा करने पर हो रहा होंं ?

48816. Why did Emma Lazarus write the sonnet The New Colossus?

48817. Carbon supply in pack carburising process is in the form of

48818. Which of the following amendments of Indian constitution Goa was granted as a statehood

48819. The ionic radius for the elements of group number VA to VIIA is formed by

48820. What became of many Acadians displaced by the British takeover of Acadia in 1755?

48821. When did the Dutch found a settlement at Lewes?

48822. Which of the following is used by microbial genetisists as a tool?

48823. Where did Robert Hooke die?

48824. The employees belief that successful performance leads to rewards is best explanation of

48825. बिमलेश्वरी मन्दिर छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य के किस जिले में स्थित है ?

48826. Calorific value of dry wood may be around __________ Kcal/kg.

48827. RNA polymerase holoenzyme initiates transcription which involves

48828. Reeta said Shivani, "You have to go to school".

48829. The color which is produced in the glass tube is dependent upon

48830. Whose portrait appears on $20 note?

48831. मध्यप्रदेश राज्य में क्षेत्रफल के अनुसार कौनसा संभाग सबसे बड़ा हैं ?

48832. Flagella respond to chemical signals by movement with the help of flagella, this behavior is called as

48833. महाराष्ट्रात रबी हंगामात मोठ¶ा प्रमाणात जमिनीत साठविलेल्या ओलाव्यावर कोणते तेलबिया पिक घेतले जाते.

48834. Silica bricks are never used for lining the

48835. જો P = +, Q = -, R = ÷ અને S = x હોય તો 26 R 6 P 5 Q 9 S 8 =……

48836. The output of an AND gate with three inputs, A, B, and C, is HIGH when ________.

48837. If 3(x-y) = 27 and 3(x+y) = 243, then x is equal to -

48838. Which one of the following sets of elements was primarily responsible for the origin of life on the earth?

48839. Synonym of JEJUNE

48840. Which bank’s charter expired in 1836?

48841. A thermocouple shows an e.m.f. of 5.00 mV with one of its junctions at 0 °C and the other at 100 °C. If the 100 °C junction is taken out of the boiling water and placed in a glass of water having temperature same as the room temperature (assume room temperature in this case = 25 °C), the e.m.f. registered on thermocouple would be

48842. Valproic acid causes all except -

48843. पचमढ़ी से सम्बन्धित स्थान हैं ?

48844. Which of the following festivals is not a harvest festival of India?

48845. Simulation of which of the following will lead to appearance of first antibody to appear following stimulation by an antigen?

48846. Where did Edwin Hubble work as an astronomer?

48847. The phase of mitosis which is associated with the formation of the nuclear envelope, is

48848. Prilling tower is found in the flowsheet for the manufacture of

48849. Periportal necrosis is caused by ?

48850. , डोंरीच्या तुरुंगातील १०१ दिवस हे पुस्तक कोणी लिहिले ?

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