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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 965

48251. Which of the following is an ore of a metal ?

48252. A watch loses x minutes every y hours. At this rate, how many hours will the watch lose in one week?

48253. निम्न में से कबीर दास किसके शिष्य थें ?

48254. ग्रामसभेचे सदस्य हे असतात......

48255. Reasons for the growth of Regional Political Parties in India is

48256. सोलर प्रोब प्लस ' ही मोहीम _________ ह्या संस्थेतर्फे चालवली जात आहे.

48257. A 40 yrs old male presents with recurrent bouts of vomiting since 9 months because of pyloric obstruction.The compensatory biochemical change is:

48258. Which is the capital of Rhode Island?

48259. கீழ்க்கண்டவற்றில் எது ஒளிக்கதிர்களை சீராக மனிதனின் கண்ணில் கட்டுப்படுத்துகிறது?

48260. Which state is to the west of Indiana?

48261. Which of the following Indian cities does not have metro train -

48262. SSTF stands for

48263. 1,260 रुपयास गाय घेतली.तिला घरी आणण्यासाठी 140 रु.खर्च आला.पुढे ती गाय विकली.त्यामुळे 15% नफा झाला.तर ती गाय केवढ्यास विकली.

48264. Ligands which can form two co-ordinate bonds from each ion or molecule to the transition metal ion are called as

48265. Inner subjective thought of a person towards an individual or situation is best termed as

48266. Jefferson and Madison were from which party?

48267. Which of the following commands sets the secret password to Cisco?

48268. In India six big licensed rating agencies are involved in the task of sovereign credit rating, which one of the following is not among them?

48269. A 22 year old man present with a solitary 2 cm space occupying lesion of mixed achogenicity in the right lobe on ultrasound examination.The rest of the liver is normal.Which of the following test should be done next -

48270. Many times we read in financial newspapers about the performance of the 'core sectors' in Economy. Which of the following is not included in the core sector of the same?

48271. Insertion of data into B-tree may cause

48272. The enzyme not present in the skeletal muscles -

48273. यदि कुछ व्यक्ति 100 मीटर लम्बी, 50 मीटर चौडी तथा 10 मीटर गहरी खाई को 10 दिन में खोद सकें तो यही व्यक्ति 30 दिन में 25 मीटर चौडी तथा 15 मीटर गहरी कितनी लम्बी खाई खोद सकेंगे ?

48274. A circuit that can change the frequency of oscillation with an application of a dc voltage is sometimes called

48275. 36 किलोमीटर/ताशी या वेगाने धावणारी रेल्वे 400 मीटर लांबीचा बोगदा 1 मिनिटात पार करते तर रेल्वेची लांबी किती ?

48276. According to Publius, what is one thing that Americans have always had in common?

48277. Which significant event occurred on 7 December 1941?

48278. One of the part of solidified noble gases is

48279. Which of the following national organization has completed 150th year of its existence in 2011?

48280. Given an enzyme with a Km = 10m M and Vmax = 100 m mol/min. If [S] = 100 m M, which of the following will be true?

48281. Ranthambore is a wildlife sanctuary in India. In which State it is located and what it is famous for?

48282. Primary memory stores ---

48283. The costing which explains how and when scrap affects the operating income of company is classified as

48284. The major sources of ideas for product development comes from

48285. दिल्ली को कब केन्द्र प्रशासित क्षेत्र बनाया गया था ?

48286. Sauce and cheese retinopathy is seen in:

48287. Which of the following is a market for neural tube defects

48288. The book 'Friends and Foes' was written by

48289. Which algal division is divided up into three main groups consisting of the golden-brown algae, the yellow-green algae and the diatoms?

48290. Who was the Democratic Party’s candidate for Vice President for USA Presidential Election 2008?

48291. All of the following produce Osteoblastic secondaries except

48292. Which is not seen in ARDS ?

48293. The Pacific Ocean shares its eastern boundary with

48294. According to top rating agencies S&P the double-B and other lower grade bonds are classified as

48295. FDI stands for

48296. Trace the function that does continue the script execution even if the file inclusion fails

48297. Which of the following are integrating instruments ?

48298. The reaction A--> B is conducted in an isothermal batch reactor. If the conversion of A increases linearly with holding time, then the order of the reaction is

48299. The Earth completes its one orbit around Sun in

48300. आयतन के अनुसार जलवाष्प उष्ण कटिबंध के उष्ण और आर्द्र क्षेत्रों में हवा के कितने प्रतिशत तक हो सकती है ?

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