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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 954

47701. Who amongst the following is not a member of the Council of Ministers headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh?

47702. The tag used in HTML to link it with other URL’s is:

47703. Main storage is also called

47704. When did Norman Cousins write Modern Man Is Obsolete?

47705. The customer is delighted of the purchase if

47706. Which country was the site of most of the Nazi extermination camps?

47707. A dot-matrix printer

47708. Exponential phase of growth curve of bacteria is of limited duration because of

47709. In Windows XP, if you want to see the file size and modified dates of all files in a folder, the best viewing option is the __________ view.

47710. An object is lifted 5 m above the levelled ground, the mass of the object is 20 kg and the gravitational pull is 10 N kg-2, the Ep of the object is

47711. உலக அளவில் எந்த ஆற்றல் உற்பத்தியில் இந்தியா முதலிடம் பெறுகிறது?

47712. SIADH occurs in -

47713. Despite being a republican State, India is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations whose head is the British Monarch. This is because

47714. एक दुकानदार सामान खरीदते समय 20% और उसे बेचते समय 30% का लाभ कमाता है ?

47715. The rate equation in non-competitive inhibition based on Michaelis Menten equation is given by

47716. Single or clusters of flagella at both poles is known as

47717. Sulphuric acid H2SO4 is an example of

47718. लोखंडाचे गंजणे ही __________ अभिक्रिया आहे. 

47719. When did William Hyde Wollaston invent camera lucida?

47720. What was Germany’s initial strategy for conquering Britain?

47721. MCQ The compass which helps in navigation while travelling to far away lands is invented by

47722. If the egg white protein, ovalbumin, is denatured in a hard-boiled egg, then which of the following is least affected?

47723. Gondwana beds are known for their -

47724. All are true about secretion except -

47725. In a reaction between CuSO4(s) and Zn(s),

47726. HTML tags define

47727. The increase in the rate of reaction with temperature is due to

47728. वर्ष 2010 के कॉमनवेल्थ खेलों में मुक्केबाजी प्रतियोगिता में हरियाणा के किस खिलाडी ने स्वर्ण पदक जीता था |

47729. संविधान का निर्माण कार्य कब सम्पन्न हुआ ?

47730. ABO रूधिर वर्ग का नियंत्रण करने वाले जीन विकल्पी संख्यानुसार कितना होते है ?

47731. Where the transpiration occurs from the vital organ lenticels present on stem it is termed as

47732. The shape of s orbital is

47733. दोन दिवसाचे सेकंद किती?

47734. गिर राष्ट्रीय उद्यान कोठे आहे?

47735. सबसे पहले जर्मन रसायनज्ञ जोन डाॅवेराइनर ने इस बात कि आेर संकेत किया कि तत्वो के गुणधर्मो मे निश्चित प्रवृति होती है| इन्होने यह किस सन् मे कहा ?

47736. A 28yrs male presents with asymptomatic hyper-calcemia is due to:

47737. The 60th part of one degree is called one

47738. \'N\' plug flow reactors in series with a total volume \'V\' gives the same conversion as a single plug flow reactor of volume \'V\' for __________ order reactions.

47739. New interest rate on Public Provident Fund (PPF) has been raised from 8% p.a. to-

47740. A 5 mH, a 4.3 mH, and a 0.6 mH inductor are connected in parallel. The total inductance is

47741. लोकसभा के पहले आम चुनाव किस वर्ष आयोजित किए|

47742. The first Battle of Panipat was fought between the forces of

47743. Which one of the following imaging modalities is most sensitive for evaluation of extra-adrenal phaeochromocytoma

47744. दिलेल्या राज्यातील साक्षर लोकांच्या प्रमाणानुसार अनुक्रम उतरत्या श्रेणीने द्या .महाराष्ट्र , केरळ , मेझोरम, गोवा .

47745. A 30 year old man has 6/5 vision each eye,unaided.His cycloplegic retinoscopy is +1.0D sph.at 1 metre distance.His complaints are blurring of new sprint at 30cm,that clears up in about two minutes.The most probable diagnosis is:

47746. पलामू किला झारखण्ड के किस जिले में स्थित है ?

47747. खडिया जनजाति की अनेक पारम्परिक मान्यताएं किस जनजाति से मिलती हैं ?

47748. Salivary gland is a

47749. नवीन WPI संदर्भात _________ ही समिती नेमली गेली होती.

47750. All of the following were true about the election of 1860 except

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