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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 930

46501. Angled baffles are preferred in the agitation tank to control the swirling action; if the viscosity of the liquid to be mixed is about 200 poise. However, the baffle may be completely eliminated for mixing liquids having viscoisty above __________ po

46502. Arteries

46503. हाल ही में सरकार द्वारा लिए गए निर्णय के अनुसार, राष्ट्रीय राजमार्गों के कितने किलोमीटर हरे गलियारों(Green Corridor) में परिवर्तित हो जायेंगे ?

46504. अंदमान समुद्रातून दक्षिण चीन समुद्राकडे जाताना कोणती सामुद्रधुनी लागते?

46505. All are true about Wilson's disease except

46506. खालीलपैकी कोणती भाषा संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघटनेची अधिकृत भाषा नाही ? 

46507. cos7θ-cosθ =

46508. महाराष्ट्रात मिठाचा सत्याग्रह _____________ येथे झाला. 

46509. The eastward continuation of the Brazil current is called -

46510. Fundamental principle of refrigeration is based on the __________ law of thermodynamics.

46511. कोणत्या प्रकारचे पर्यावरण्ीय बदल हे एकाच प्रकारातील एका प्राण्यामधून दूस·या प्राण्यामध्ये स्थिर होतात.

46512. The cartilage, tendons, joints, ligaments and connective tissues together made up of system known as

46513. Arterial Blood gas analysis of patient reveals-pH-7.2,HCO3 36mmol/L, PCO2 60 mm Hg.The abnormality is:

46514. खालीलपौकी श्वानाच्या कोणत्या जातीचा महाराष्ट्र पोलिसांचे श्वानपथकात समावेश नाही.

46515. All are tocolytics except:

46516. यात्रा करने वाले प्रयोक्ताओं (user )के लिए "पोर्टेबल" कम्प्यूटर कौनसे होते हैं ?

46517. 1942 ம் ஆண்டு ஆரம்பிக்கப்பட்ட இயக்கம்?

46518. Which is the largest lake in New Hampshire?

46519. Which of the following is the reason, owing to which Government charges export duty on some export items ?

46520. Whom did the Ghadar Party plot to kill?

46521. Bubble free aeration systems requires

46522. Which of the following sets belongs to a distinct class or category?

46523. Which one of the following countries is not a founder member of OPEC?

46524. During catabolism, only about 40% of the energy available from oxidizing glucose is used to synthesize ATP. Remaining 60%

46525. The tubular epithelium releases substances into lumen which balances pH are

46526. Which of the following statements are true about the C#.NET code snippet given below? String s1, s2; s1 = \"Hi\"; s2 = \"Hi\"; 1.String objects cannot be created without using new. 2.Only one object will get create

46527. What is approximatively the half life of 32-Phosphorus?

46528. In pressure cooker water absorbs

46529. Where was Mother Teresa born?

46530. Which of the following is not correct?

46531. Argus eyed

46532. The method of auction of futures contract in which the traders sell their futures contracts at a specified price by crying out in louder voices is classified as

46533. Which device(s) have almost ideal ON and OFF resistances?

46534. Which of the following is responsible for a musty or earthy flavor?

46535. The frictional effect between the layers of the flowing fluid is known as

46536. What is the most common presentation of srcoidosis -

46537. कलम १ मध्ये .......चा समावेश आहे.

46538. The following is NOT a feature of Renal tubular acidosis -

46539. In which one of the following States multi-thousand-foodgrain scam has recently been noticed by the High Court ?

46540. Who out of the following became the first lady President of South Korea in Feb. 2013?

46541. केरळच्या किनारपट्टीला ... म्हणतात.

46542. __________ produce basidiospores.

46543. Which of the following countries won the FIFA World Cup 2010 ?

46544. In 2010 Lech Kaczynski were among the 96 killed in air crash. He was the president of

46545. The method which divides annual income earned from a project by capital invested to calculate

46546. 1922 ई. में मोहनजोदड़ो स्थल की खोज किसने की थी ?

46547. The famous Kailash temple at Ellora was built by which of the following kings?

46548. Juice clarification extraction is facilitated by using

46549. The letters of the ROME taken all at a time can be written in

46550. Who was the main bowler of the English team for Bodyline series?

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