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45551. The appendages of bacteria which are hollow, non-helical and filamentous are called

45552. டென்டாண்கள்

45553. उत्तर प्रदेश के चन्दौली जिले में "चन्द्रप्रभा वन्यजीव विहार" की स्थापना किस वर्ष की गई थी ?

45554. Muscle used in normal walk during stance and swing -

45555. இந்திய பொருளாதார திட்டமிடுதலில் சேர்க்கப்படாத நோக்கம்?

45556. MCQ In eukaryotes, the enzymes that rid the cell of all toxic peroxides are known as

45557. The document that is used by XSLT to indicate how to transform the elements of the XML document to another format is a(n):

45558. Whose portrait appears on $5,000 note?

45559. A cylinderical rod subjected to a tensile strain within the elastic limit undergoes a volume change. If the volume strain is equal to half the tensile strain, then the Poisson\'s ratio of the rod is

45560. Which of the following database objects asks a question of information in a database and then displays the result?

45561. राज्य में काशी विद्यापीठ स्थापित कब हुआ था ?

45562. "हुमायूंनामा" की रचना किसने की थी ?

45563. How many languages are there in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India?

45564. What is the process of transferring software programme from secondary storage media to the hard disc called?

45565. MCQ The chloroplasts are only present in

45566. UV light damage to the DNA leads to -

45567. How many degrees has the minute hand moved on a clock from 4:00 p.m. to 4:12 p.m.?

45568. Which phase of mitosis is associated with chromosomes aligned at the center of the cell and centromeres divide?

45569. ठगांचा बिमोड ...................या गव्हर्नर-जनरलच्या काळात झाला.

45570. Where was Amelia Earhart born?

45571. Which of the following is not a dimension-less parameter ?

45572. भारताने 2010 मध्ये कोणत्या देशासोबत प्रत्यार्पण संधी केली.

45573. Which is the highest point in North Carolina?

45574. यदि एक कूट भाषा में NEUROTIC को TICRONEU लिखा जाता है, तो उसी कूट भाषा में PSYCHOTIC को किस प्रकार लिख सकते है ?

45575. Glycogen has

45576. अनसॉलिसिटेड -ई मेल को क्या कहते हैं ?

45577. Functioning of some glands depend upon the

45578. The chemical, which attracts opposite sex insects of a species, is known as -

45579. दारुच्या सात्याने मनुष्याच्या शरीरातील कोणत्या संस्थेवर परिणाम होतो

45580. தமிழ்நாட்டின் முதன்மையான பயிர்?

45581. Which organization awarded a gold medal to David Livingstone for the discovery of Lake Ngami?

45582. किस आईआईटी संस्थान ने , छात्रों के लिए मास ओपन ऑनलाइन कोर्स ( MOOCS ) का शुभारंभ किया है ?

45583. The stem elongation is controlled through

45584. हाल ही में बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री ने बिहार के विकास हेतु किस अभियान की शुरुआत की है ?

45585. औरंगजेब के गवर्नर बहराम खां द्वारा बनवाई गई चुनार मस्जिद प्रदेश के किस स्थान पर है ?

45586. Which was James Hilton’s last novel?

45587. Which system call is used to bias the existing property of process?

45588. The amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a substance by 1 K or 1 °C is termed as

45589. Ring opening polymerization produces

45590. ऊँची भूमि को कहा जाता है -

45591. Third heart sound when heard is -

45592. The speed of a rotary drum vacuum filter may be about __________ rpm.

45593. चार्ल्स डिकन्स किस देश के नागरिक थे?

45594. Use of I-control along with P-control facilitates

45595. When was Antoine de Saint Exupery born?

45596. On the Mohs scale, graphite (a principal constituent of pencil "lead") has a hardness of -

45597. In the linear cost function which is y=a + bX, the objective is to find the

45598. पुढीलपौकी कोणत्या महिलेस शांततेसाठी नोबेल पारितोषिक मिळालेले नाही.

45599. Presence of gas shadow in the heart and great vessels suggestive of intrauterine death. This is called as -

45600. The first Muslim invasion of India was led by

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