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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 860

43001. If the employee separations are 35 in a month and the number of employees in an organization are 80 at midmonth then the turnover rate of an organization is

43002. The energy of electron is zero

43003. Refractories subjected to alternate cycles of heating & cooling are liable to loose their resistance to

43004. This practice considers an individual part's dimensions and tolerances and that part's relation to its related parts:

43005. For sterilization of which material gamma rays can be used?

43006. The object definition language (ODL) is which of the following?

43007. Earliest to get involved in Meniere's disease is:

43008. Visual hallucinations without auditory hallucination is seen in -

43009. Lymphocytes and phagocytes are types of

43010. ग्रामपंचायती स्थापना व समर्थन कोणत्या कलमात केले आहे ?

43011. To make nitrobenzene, nitrating mixture is refluxed at

43012. In working drawings, these show all necessary information not given directly on the drawing with its dimensions and notes:

43013. Which university did William Harvey attend?

43014. A deficiency of the enzyme Hypoxanthine Guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HGPRT) may cause

43015. Which one of the state assembly has recently passed a Bill seeking a seven year jail term for the cow slaughter or even transporting the animal for that purpose?

43016. The study of interaction between living organism and environment is called

43017. Which party was formed by Theodore Roosevelt and his supporters in August 1912?

43018. முதலைகளுக்கு அனைத்து பொருள்களுமே................ நிறத்தில் தெரியும்?

43019. मध्यप्रदेश से राज्य सभा के लिए कितने सदस्य चुने जाते हैं ?

43020. A compound used in medicine as a pain killer is -

43021. Which of the following is not a premalignant condition of skin ?

43022. World bank agreed to give assistance of US$ 70 million for the “Additional Financing of Health Systems Development and Reform Project ” for which the following states?

43023. The thoughts of which of the following Sufi saints have been incorporated in the religious book Adi Granth of the Sikhs?

43024. From the proximal convoluted tubule, the filtrate passes into the

43025. The term pH denotes the -

43026. The value of K

43027. Who was not a member of the Subhash Chand Bose's Azad Hind Fauj ?

43028. Metals always bears

43029. In organelles of cells, the mRNA stands for

43030. Describe offset error for a DAC.

43031. Who among the following was not associated with Congress Socialist Party -

43032. 57913:EGIM :: 35816: ?

43033. 3331 + x - 1242 = 5200 எனில் x இன் மதிப்பு?

43034. 56 व्या राष्ट्रीय चित्रपट पुरस्कारांत सर्वोत्कृष्ट पुरुष पार्श्वगायक म्हणून __________ ह्यांना 'जोगवा ' ह्या चित्रपटातील गाण्यांसाठी गौरविण्यात आले.

43035. The __________ of a double acting reciprocating pump as compared to the single acting pump will be almost double.

43036. Who among the following regarded Delhi as the largest city in the entire Islamic East?

43037. The density of air is

43038. ’அர்ஜூனா ‘ பதக்கம் எந்தத் துறையில் இருப்பவருக்கு வழங்கப்பப்படுகிறது?

43039. Von Recklinghausen disease is associated with:

43040. Extra-axial Intracranial lesion showing contrast enhancement on MRI is suggestive of:

43041. திரவங்கள் ஆழம் அதிகரிக்க ..................... அதிகரிக்கும்?

43042. The marketing channel strategy that is used for products with high brand loyalty and products have perceivable differences is classified as

43043. The author of "The Nadars of Tamil Nadu" is-

43044. With whom Robert Hooke had a dispute about inverse square law?

43045. मध्यप्रदेश में देश की कुल जनसंख्या का कितना प्रतिशत हैं ?

43046. When electron jumps from infinity orbit to n1 in Lyman series the line developed is called

43047. 5.) A man bought a horse and a car ridge for Rs 3000. He sold the horse at a gain of 20% and the carriage at a loss of 10%, thereby gaining 2% on the whole. Find the cost of the horse.

43048. The primary disadvantage of the simultaneous A/D converter is:

43049. Which of the following infection(s) can be caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa?

43050. All of the following are supplied by superior gluteal nerve except:

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