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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 853

42651. The spot height method of relief representation is most suitable for -

42652. In a certain code, TRIPPLE is written as SQHOOKD. How is DISPOSE written in that code ?

42653. Which of the following is the most suitable for very high pressure gas phase reaction ?

42654. As per existing norms and policies of the RBI, Banks are required to advance how much of their total advances to priority sectors ?

42655. When a patient develops supraventricular tachycardia with hypotension under general anaesthesia,all of the following treatments may be instituted except:

42656. நீர்மூழ்கு குழாய் (AQUALUNG) கண்டுபிடித்த ஆண்டு எது?

42657. The average weight of 16 boys in a class is 50.25 kg and that of the remaining 8 boys is 45.15 kg. Find the average weights of all the boys in the class.

42658. इनमे से किस देश ने बीजिंग में विश्व एथलेटिक चैंपियनशिप के पुरुषों की 4x100 रिले स्पर्धा के फाइनल में स्वर्ण पदक जीता है ?

42659. The research approaches in marketing research does not include

42660. Energy produced in the nuclear fission is of the order of __________ MeV.

42661. स्टेट बँक ऑफ इंडीयाचे मुख्यालय कोणत्या शहरात आहे ?

42662. The discovery of protons was commenced in the year

42663. The third factor in the Fama French three factor model is the ratio which is classified as

42664. 24 மணி நேரத்தில் ஒரு மனிதனின் உற்பத்தி செய்யும் சிறுநீரின் அளவு?

42665. The resignation letter of a state Public Service Commission member is addressed to the

42666. In the Parliament of India Upper House in known as ?

42667. Sonti is

42668. Which command loads a new version of the Cisco IOS into a router?

42669. What is the full form of the letter ‘D’ in the abbreviation ‘MPLADS’ which was recently in news ?

42670. Which one of the following countries is Number One Country in terms of Purchasing Power?

42671. Most sensitive index of recent transmission of malaria is

42672. Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is

42673. Recombinant vaccine for HBV was produced by cloning viral genes in

42674. हाफकिन इन्स्टीट्यूट कोणत्या शहरात आहे?

42675. Lipoic acid is a co-factor of the

42676. A receiving host has failed to receive all of the segments that it should acknowledge. What can the host do to improve the reliability of this communication session?

42677. राजस्थान अभिलेखागार का मुख्यालय है -

42678. केन्द्रीय सरकार ने मूल्य स्थिरीकरण कोष के लिए कितना सृजन किया है ?

42679. During parallel operation of transformers incorrect polarity will result in

42680. Which was Elizabeth Taylor’s first film?

42681. Bacterial meningitis in children(2 months-12 years of age) is usually due to the following organisms except:

42682. India recently signed civil nuclear agreement with--

42683. In the cell cycle replication of the genome occurs in the

42684. ஜப்பான் மீது அணுகுண்டை வீசிய நாடு?

42685. Which of the following was not a pen name of Walter Scott?

42686. At which university did Otto Meyerhof serve as research professor?

42687. Mallory-Weiss tear occur at -

42688. Boundary layer separation is characterised by one of the conditions given below, where \'Re\' is the Reynolds number for the flow. Select the appropriate conditions.

42689. जैन धर्म के अनुसार अनेकान्तवाद अथवा स्यादवाद से तात्पर्य हैः

42690. What argument does Publius use in response to the criticism that the people will be burdened with too many tax collectors?

42691. भारताची प्रमाण वेळ _________ वरून जाते .

42692. The population of a town increases at a rate of 10% for every year. If the present population is 12100, find the population two years ago

42693. Which of the following is not an indication for endotracheal intubation

42694. What is the voltage gain of the unity follower?

42695. Who among the following has won Syed Modi International India Grand Prix Gold badminton title?

42696. If the dynamic viscosity of a fluid is 0.5 poise and specific gravity is 0.5, then the kinematic viscosity of that fluid in stokes is

42697. The immune response to a booster vaccine is called a(n)

42698. During the Mughal period, which one of the following traders were the first to come to India?

42699. 25.6% of 250 + √? = 119

42700. The type of product development which is systematic, holistic and not compartmentalized is said to be

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