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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 849

42451. जयपुर में जन्तर मन्तर का निर्माण करवाया -

42452. At which university did Arthur Holly Compton teach in 1923-1945?

42453. பாலிலிருந்து பாலேடை ( CREAM ) பிரித்தெடுக்க உதவும் விசை?

42454. In oblique projection, important shapes should be in this position relative to the viewing plane:

42455. An enzyme, L-folate reductase reduces folic acid to

42456. All of the following are used for treatment of acute hyperkalemia except

42457. Jaspal Rana is a distinguished athlete in which of the following games?

42458. Which of the following is correct?

42459. Which of the following is under anterior pituitary control -

42460. SEBI, on August 16, 2012 has made it mandatory that all listed companies must have minimum ________ public shareholdings by June 2013.

42461. Electrical conductivity of calcium is much higher than any

42462. Compressibility factor remains constant at constant

42463. कम्प्यूटर भाषा FORTRAN किस क्षेत्र में उपयोगी हैं ?

42464. Ascorbic acid is another name for vitamin

42465. Which among the following is a correct meaning of “Khanqah” ?

42466. Words with 3 letters are formed from 5 different letters. The number of words which have at least one letter repeated is:( ADP COMPANY)

42467. போர்ட்லாண்ட் சிமெண்டை கண்டுபிடித்தவர்?

42468. ……………………. connects web pages.

42469. The kinetic component of internal energy is due to

42470. Chandigarh is the capital of which two states?

42471. The mix and match to maximize collective and individual effects are classified as

42472. Which one among the following is not true regarding the draft National Food Security Bill?

42473. Acute diarrhoeal disease resembling cholera can be caused due to

42474. पाकिस्तानातील पहिले शिख सांसद होण्याचा बहुमान अलीकडेच कोणी प्राप्त केला?

42475. The marketing channel strategy that is used for products with low brand loyalty and product is an impulse item is classified as

42476. സിക്കിം ഇന്ത്യന്‍ യൂണിയനോട് കൂട്ടിച്ചേര്‍ക്കപ്പെട്ട വര്‍ഷം [Sikkim inthyan‍ yooniyanodu kootticcher‍kkappetta var‍sham ]

42477. What does the following declaration mean?int (*ptr)[10];

42478. शरद ४९% गुण मिळवून उत्तीर्ण झाला. त्याला एकूण ३४३ गुण मिळाले, तर परीक्षा किती गुणांची होती ?

42479. Why are several structural genes regulated as a unit in bacteria?

42480. கண்ணன் என்பவர் அவரது வீட்டில் இருந்து வடக்கு நோக்கி 3 Km நடந்து செல்கிறார். பின் தனது வலது கை பக்கம் திரும்பு 4 Km நடக்கிறார். எனில் அவருக்கும் தொடக்க இடத்திற்கும் உள்ள தொலைவு என்ன?

42481. Use of handwriting to determine the basic personality traits of writer is known as

42482. To edit in an embedded excel worksheet object in a word document

42483. மட்டைப்பந்து விளையாட்டில் மிகச் சிறிய வயதில் சதம் அடித்தவர்?

42484. महाराष्ट्र विधानसभेची सभासद संख्या.........आहे.

42485. केन्द्र सरकार ने किस वर्ष उत्तरप्रदेश की दस नई जनजातियों को सूचीबद्ध किया ?

42486. how do you update pivot table report data after changes are made to the source data?

42487. दक्षिण गुजरात मधील कोणती आदिवासी जमात आतापर्यंत कोनत्याहि प्रकारचे ओळखपत्र नसल्याने सर्वे अधिकारापासून वंचित होती ?

42488. The term cell was named by

42489. As per Census 2011, the highest populated State is

42490. Haemodialysis may be used for each of the following poisonings except:

42491. The stage wise operation of adsorption is called

42492. The Earth inductor compass is

42493. लक्स हे __________ चे एकक आहे...

42494. A source of any wave is

42495. गायत्री मंत्राचा उल्लेख कोणत्या वेदामध्ये आहे?

42496. 3 ते 7 जुलै 2013 या कालावधीत 20 व्या आशियाई अ‍ॅथलेटिक्स चॅम्पियनशिप स्पर्धा कोणत्या शहरात आयोजीत करण्यात आल्या?

42497. During successful purification scheme, this may be expected that the

42498. Given three data points (1,6), (3,28), and (10, 231), it is found that the function 13 passes through the three data points. Your estimate of y at y=2x2 3x 1 is most nearly

42499. திராவிட மொழிகள் என்பவை யாவை?

42500. The Nehru-Mahalanobis strategy of development guided the planning practice in India from the-

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