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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 788

39401. The mass of a proton is equal to that of mass of

39402. Which layer of skin causes vesicular changes in case of burn -

39403. The famous patents of Nikola Tesla includes

39404. The compound interest on Rs. 30,000 at 7% per annum is Rs. 4347. The period (in years) is:

39405. Where was George V born?

39406. किस राष्ट्रीय उद्यान में वन्य जीवन प्रबंधन के लिए ड्रोन या मानव रहित हवाई वाहन का उपयोग करना शुरू कर दिया है?

39407. Which school did James Alexander Haldane attend?

39408. Which of the following Committees are Committees of Parliament? 1. Public Accounts Committee 2. Estimates Committee 3. Committee on Public Undertakings Select the correct answer using the code given below:

39409. Cell wall protein of Streptococcus pyogenes crossreacts with human

39410. The training of employees while performing job is called

39411. गेरू का उत्पादन करने में अग्रणीय स्थान किस राज्य का हैं ?

39412. In order to test the presence of carbonates

39413. For separation of sugar solution from settled out mud, we use a __________ filter.

39414. Plants receive their nutrients mainly from

39415. The genetic code is

39416. When you link data maintained in Excel workbook to a Word document

39417. In PML,all of the following are seen except:

39418. மனிதர்களின் பல் மற்றும் எலும்பு வளர்ச்சிக்கு இன்றியமையாத தாது பொருட்களை கூறு?

39419. Name of headache is sinusitis

39420. TII stands for

39421. Pure motor loss seen in ?

39422. નીચેનામાંથી કઇ જોડની વિગત સાચી નથી ?

39423. उत्तर प्रदेश में विद्युत नियामक आयोग का गठन किस वर्ष हुआ था ?

39424. 1904 में कांग्रेस का चौथा अधिवेशन उत्तर प्रदेश के किस नगर में हुआ ?

39425. केंद्रीय सरकार द्वारा प्रसिद्धि योजना किस क्षेत्र के लिए शुरू की गई है ?

39426. Anticholinergic used in all except -

39427. If an object of mass 20 kg accelerates at the rate of 2ms-2. The force applied on the object would be

39428. Geeta Poghat, who on April 1, 2012 qualified for London Olympics 2012 belongs to which of the following sports?

39429. What was one way Gallatin moved toward a budgetary surplus?

39430. An example of mosaic antigen is

39431. Chemical energy is supplied to eukaryotic cells by

39432. The purpose of the code answer = toupper(ans); is to ensure that

39433. उत्तर प्रदेश के किन जनपद क्षेत्रों में मुख्य रूप से लाल मिट्टी पाई जाती हैं ?

39434. Which of the following is not true for eukaryotic cells?

39435. पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र या पारितंत्र शब्द का प्रयोग सर्वप्रथम किस वैज्ञानिक ने किया था ?

39436. Each data item in a record may be a group item composed of sub-items; those items which are indecomposable are called

39437. An application of a(n) ________ is in a lighting system for power interruptions.

39438. Finance commission is appointed by the

39439. इनमे से किसे मर्सिडीज बेंज इंडिया के प्रबंध निदेशक और मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी के रूप में नियुक्त किया गया है ?

39440. In a consolidated drained test on a normally consolidated clay, the volume of the soil sample during shear

39441. Where did John Scott Haldane graduate in medicine?

39442. MCQ The inverted microscope was invented by J. Lawrence Smith in

39443. . In _________ Index every path is of same length

39444. When was Nikola Tesla born?

39445. When did Anne become queen of England, Scotland and Ireland?

39446. According to the Companies Act, 2013, 'nominal capital' implies -

39447. जिम नँशनल पार्क ची स्थापन केव्हा झाली ?

39448. In a linear polymer, the monomeric units are linked together to form long straight chains. The cross linked or branched chain polymers compared to linear polymers have higher

39449. 'शॉर्टसेलिंग' ही संज्ञा कशाशी निगडीत आहे ?        

39450. Ilbert Bill was introduced in the Imperial Legislative Council in the year -

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