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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 671

33551. In cost accounting the types of inventory does not include

33552. Where was John Bardeen a professor of electrical engineering and physics?

33553. Which of the following elements behave chemically.both as a metal and a non metal?

33554. The tertiary conformation of proteins is maintained by 3 types of bonds namely ionic, hydrogen and

33555. The process of transferring files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called………

33556. The objective to Indian Constitution is reflected in which of the following?

33557. A व B किसी कार्य को क्रमशः 20 दिन में व 30 दिन में पूरा कर सकते है | प्रारम्भ में अकेले B ने 5 दिन तक कार्य किया इसके बाद B कार्य छोड़कर चला जाता है | तो बताओ अब शेष बचे कार्य को अकेला A कितने दिन में समाप्त करेगा ?

33558. If the parliament passes a law which is against the Constitution, it can be declared as unconstitutional by the?

33559. Which type of programming is typically used for digital signal processors?

33560. Penicillin resistance in staphylococci is acquired due to

33561. Cognitive model of depression is given by?

33562. If A = x% of y and B = y% of x, then which of the following is true?

33563. Which switching technology reduces the size of a broadcast domain?

33564. Right to vote and to be elected in India is a

33565. राष्ट्रीय आणीबाणी एका वेळेला..........कालावधीसाठी लागू करता येते.

33566. If in a closed traverse, the sum of the north latitudes is more than the sum of the south latitudes and also the sum of west departures is more than the sum of the east departures, the bearing of the closing line is in the

33567. Finger clubbing is not a usual feature with -

33568. To enable RIPng, which of the following would you use?

33569. In aerobic microorganisms cultures radial flow impellers are used because

33570. When did Anne die?

33571. The present ages of three persons are in proportions 4 :7 :9. Eight years ago, the sum of their ages was 56. Find their present ages (in years)

33572. Alcohol production from starch and raw sugar utilizes selected strains of

33573. குளிர்சாதனப் பெட்டியை கண்டுபிடித்தவர்கள்?

33574. An ordinance promulgated by the president will lapse after

33575. खंड -स्तर नियोजन से संबंधित समिति निम्न में से कौनसी हैं ?

33576. MCQ The back flow of the blood is prevented by the valve classified as

33577. What did Lewis Carroll teach?

33578. Through which one of the following Indian States the Tropic of Cancer does not pass?

33579. The Mahavir belonged to the clan -

33580. A multiplexed display being driven by a logic circuit:

33581. Geneco technology is-

33582. Erosion of bone is seen with all of the following except

33583. Deforestation accelerates soil erosion and also affects the sub-surface water flow. These two factors adversely affect the -

33584. Which of the following statements is correct about the using statement used in C#.NET?

33585. अढाई दिन का झोपड़ा है -

33586. What is Rt for parallel connected 1 .8 k ohm, 2 .1 k ohm, and 2 .8 k ohmresistors?

33587. The debate over which of the following was the greatest obstacle to the drafting of the Constitution?

33588. भारतीय संविधान के किस अनुच्छेद के तहत लोक सभा में अनुसूचित जाति एवं अनुसूचित जनजातियों के लिए स्थानों का आरक्षण किया गया ?

33589. Which type of amplifier uses pulse (digital) signals in its operation?

33590. Insulin is secreted from-

33591. In which year was the Tashkent Pact signed between India and Pakistan?

33592. The type of metallurgy in which elemental metal is extracted from the mineral in which it is found is called ___________.

33593. Considering facts about Jupitar, the largest moon in the Solar System lies in planet

33594. A patient of schizophrenia treated for 5 yrs developed perioral movements.Likely diagnosis is:

33595. Haemophilia is mostly associated with

33596. In the context of the Indian defence, what is 'Dhruv'?

33597. Which one among the following is not a cause of generatiion of ocean currents?

33598. उत्तरी अमेरिका मे 'मकई पट्टी' की उत्तरी सीमा मानी जाती है ?

33599. சாதாரண ஒரு மனிதனின் இதயத்திலிருந்து ஒரு நிமிடத்திற்கு எவ்வளவு இரத்தம் வெளியேறுகிறது?

33600. Coronary ligaments of the knee are

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