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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 6194

309701. Hysterosalpingogram findings in tubercular salpingitis includes all except -

309702. Hysterosalpingogram findings in tubercular salpingitis includes all except -

309703. In Downs syndrome, 2nd trimester quadruple test includes all except -

309704. In a 25 year old female, cystitis is best treated by ?

309705. Treatment of Ca Cervix IIIB include-

309706. A 28 year old eclamptic woman develop convulsions.The first measure to be done is-

309707. The Ph of amniotic fluid is:

309708. In sterilization tubectomy,loop of which of the following part is excised:

309709. Good prognosis in metastatic malignant gestational trophoblastic disease includes all except -

309710. Peak HCG levels are seen by what intrauterine age ?

309711. Total iron requirement during pregnancy is ?

309712. Rupture of membrane is said to be premature when it occurs at:

309713. Oocyte is mostly seen in:

309714. The procedure of choice to diagnose Uterus didelphis is

309715. The following anti-hypertensives can be used in pregnancy except -

309716. On Transvaginal Sonography (TVS) which of the following shapes of cervix indicate imminent preterm labour:

309717. In obstructed labor with neglected shoulder presentation all are done except-

309718. Most common site for female tubal sterilization is:

309719. G3 with previous second trimester abortion presents with 22 weeks of gestation, abdominal pain, USG shows funneling of internal os what will be ideal management ?

309720. During pregnancy HIV transmission occurs mostly during -

309721. Placenta praevia at 32 weeks, management of choice is -

309722. Incidence of cord prolapse is least in -

309723. In a female with 6x6cm tumor found to be granulosa cell tumor the marker for recurrence is -

309724. In triple screening test for down's syndrome during pregnancy all of the following are included except:

309725. After coming head of breech will have difficulty in delivery in all of the following conditions except -

309726. During first trimester of pregnancy risk fetal malformation in a pregnant woman with insulin dependent diabetes is best predicted by -

309727. Weight gain in pregnancy depends on all of the following factors,Except

309728. Hypothyroidism in pregnancy is least likely associated with -

309729. The data are most convincing for which theory as the pathogenesis of endometriosis in the peri-toneal cavity -

309730. Bishop's score includes all except -

309731. Peak HCG levels are by what intrauterine age ?

309732. Tumor marker most helpful in follow-up of a case of epithelial carcinoma of ovary is

309733. Nile blue sulphatase test in amniotic fluid is for -

309734. Virus associated with cancer cervix is

309735. In a case of Dysgerminoma of ovary one of the following tumor makers is lokely to be raised.

309736. Most common cause of salpingitis is:

309737. Treatment of choice in parental congenital adrenal hyperplasia -

309738. Aminocentesis for prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases can be carried out as early as -

309739. Which of the following explanations is not an explanation of decreased variability of fetal heart tracing?

309740. A 19 year old patient came to the out patient department with complaints of primary Amenorrhea.She had well developed breast and pubic hair. However there was absence of vagina and uterus.Likely diagnosis is -

309741. Not seen in endometriosis is ?

309742. Today vaginal sponge failure rate is ?

309743. All contribute to postpartum hemorrhage, except -

309744. The most common type of pelvis associated with Direct occipitoposterior position is

309745. Treatment of ovarian tumor diagnosed in first pregnancy is -

309746. Test for ovarian reserve-

309747. The short retroviral regime administration in the peripartum period decreases the risk of vertical transmission by:

309748. Which of the following treatment is not done in ectopic pregnancy

309749. Treatment of Ca Cervix IIIB include -

309750. Asymptomatic myomas ?

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