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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 614

30701. पोट्र्रेट पार्लेसाठी मानवी शरीराची व्यकृती . . . .भागात विभागली जाते.

30702. In Emergency department,a 70 years old male presents with acute obstruction.He has Ca.descending colon,M/n of choice:

30703. जगात 'परीस्थितीय संपन्न प्रदेशांची' [Ecological Hot Spot] संख्या किती आहे?[जून २०१३ पर्यंत]

30704. Any data or instruction entered into the memory of a computer is considered as—

30705. A decimal equivalent of m second is

30706. 'Run-amok' is found in -

30707. In June 1991, a Friendship and Non-aggression Treaty was signed between

30708. Which of the following is true for a relational database?

30709. First Hindu-American to enter in the US House of Representative as senator is:

30710. When the turns ratio of a transformer is 20 and the primary ac voltage is 12 V, the secondary voltage is

30711. To which political party did William McKinley belong?

30712. Which of the following is the rank of India in Human Development Report 2010 prepared by the UNO?

30713. देश माझा मी देशाचा ' हे मराठी अनुवादित आत्मचरित्र कोणाचे ?

30714. How many worksheets can a workbook have?

30715. हरियाणा के गठन के समय वहाँ कितने जिले थे ?

30716. சரவணபெலகுலா அமைந்துள்ள மாநிலம்?

30717. எல்லைக் காந்தி என்று அழைக்கப்பட்டவர்?

30718. After an initial pregnancy resulted in a spontaneous loss in the first trimester,your patient is concerned about the possibility of this recurring.An appropriate answer would be that the chance of recurrence:

30719. .............या मुघल उमरावाने अवध राज्याची स्थापना केली

30720. These are vertical distances above a common datum, reference plane, or point:

30721. For what did Carl David Anderson win Nobel Prize for Physics?

30722. இரும்பினை கால்வனைசிங் செய்ய பயன்படும் உலோகம்?

30723. Where did Edward Teller die?

30724. A number when divided successively by 4 and 5 leaves remainders 1 and 4 respectively. When it is successively divided by 5 and 4, then the respective remainders will be

30725. RPGN occurs in A/E -

30726. ………………is the process of carrying out commands.

30727. Excess mucus is produced causing smokers cough due to

30728. The scrubbers acts against unconverted SO2 and

30729. The wave speed is directly proportional to

30730. A 16 year old female presents with generalized weakness and palpitations.Her Hb is 7g/dl and peripheral smear shows microcytic hypochromic anaemia, reticulocyte count =0.8% serembilirubin =1 mg%.The most likely diagnosis is -

30731. When was Edgar Lawrence Doctorow born?

30732. Volcanic eruptions, biological decay and forest fires release

30733. Imaginary lines joining places with same temperature are called

30734. If the ac supply is 50 Hz, what will be the ripple frequency out of the full-wave rectifier?

30735. The period between inoculation of bacteria in a culture medium and beginning of multiplication is known as

30736. Powdery mildews, potato wilt, apple scab are all diseases caused by

30737. "தும்பா" ராக்கெட் ஏவுதளத்தை நிறுவியவர்?

30738. The Forest Research Institute is situated at -

30739. Predominantly osteoblastic metastasis is seen in ?

30740. Melamine formaldehyde resin which has a very high anti tacking properties, is not used for the

30741. Who nominated Horace Greeley for president in 1872?

30742. கிட்டப்பார்வையை சரி செய்ய கூடியது?

30743. चंपारण्य सत्याग्रहाचे नेतृत्व कोणी केले.

30744. Which of the following congenital malformation is seen in a child of a mother who is on treatment with oral anticoagulants-

30745. Which of the following is NOT a Calcium channel blocker -

30746. சர்வதேச நிதியம் ( IMF ) எங்கு அமைந்துள்ளது?

30747. Which report section only prints one time at the end of the report?

30748. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy done in a pt with cholelithiasis. Pathology report shows adenocarcinoma with invasion of muscular layer.CT was normal.Further treatment is-

30749. What will be the output of the command prompt $l$p$g?

30750. What does a VLAN do?

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