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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 606

30301. देश के किस राज्य की लोक कला "रगोली" हैं ?

30302. Nucleic acids can be analyzed experimentally by their

30303. तांबडा समुद्र हा .... प्रकारच्या सरचनेतून तयार झालेला आहे

30304. Which crop has the highest land acreage in India?

30305. When TIG welding Austenitic Stainless Steel pipe, Argon gas baking is called for. This is to

30306. Pick out the correct match -

30307. When was Edward IV crowned king of England?

30308. Identify the institution, which was turned into Beharas Hindu university by Madan Mohan Malaviya.

30309. The workers with the manual jobs are mostly paid as

30310. புரோகேரியோட்டிக் செல்களில் காணப்படும் ரிபோசோம் வகை?

30311. Which of the following states does not have a bicameral legislature ?

30312. Which of the following categories would include a keyboard?

30313. Maternal use of which of the following hormone may cause hypospadias in a male child:

30314. Term ‘Balance of Payment’ is used in relation to which of the following ?

30315. The entity integrity rule states that:

30316. Which of the following features should you use when typing in the notes text box?

30317. निम्न में से कौन-सी मस्जिद गुडगाँव में स्थित है ?

30318. What is (are) common fault(s) in a BJT-based circuit?

30319. Which of the following statements is correct?Pointer to a reference and reference to a pointer both are valid.When we use reference, we are actually referring to a referent.

30320. Contact lenses are made from

30321. The VALS segmentation framework main dimensions are

30322. In the extracellular medium, DNA-degrading enzymes would likely be to prevent transfer of DNA by

30323. When n resistances each of value r are connected in parallel, then resultant resistance is x. When these n resistances are connected in series, total resistance is

30324. Isotropic turbulence occurs

30325. Indian model of development protects the interests of -

30326. MCQ The salty rocks, schistose, granublastic and hornfelsic are classified as

30327. For an FET small-signal amplifier, one could go about troubleshooting a circuit by ________.

30328. झारखण्ड में ताम्र पाषाण युगीन संस्कृति का केन्द्र बिन्दु था -

30329. The name of a variable is known as its:

30330. Memory interleaving technique is used to address the memory modules in order tohave

30331. A patient developed breathlessness and chest pain, on second postoperative day after a total hip replacement.Echo-cardiography showed right ventricular dilatation and tricuspid regurgitation. What is the most likely diagnosis:

30332. During parallel operation of transformers incorrect polarity will result in

30333. Fixed capital investment of a chemical plant is the total amount of money needed to supply the necessary plant and manufacturing facilities plus the working capital for operation of the facilities. Which of the following components of fixed capital

30334. In accounting, the resources sacrificed to achieve or fulfill specific objective is classified as

30335. हरियाणा में लोकगीत किस अवसर पर गाए जाते हैं ?

30336. ,,,, हा जैविक खडक होय.

30337. The well developed nervous system of Platyhelminthes composed of network of

30338. During DMA acknowledgement cycle, CPU relinquishes

30339. The 44th Amendment of the Indian Constitution withdraw the Fundamental Right

30340. When did Ezra Pound die?

30341. A goal of data mining includes which of the following?

30342. वैशाली में पुरातात्विक संग्रहालय की स्थापना कब हुई थी ?

30343. சுவாசித்தலுக்கு உதவும் தசைகள்?

30344. जनसंख्या की दृष्टि से झारखण्ड का सर्वाधिक बडा जिला है -

30345. A patient met with Road Traffic accident with injury to the left knee.Dial test was positive.What could be the cause ?

30346. All are risk factor for vaginal candidiasis except-

30347. For 2014-15, the new President of Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) is -

30348. Sum of all the biochemical reactions in the body are referred to as

30349. Which magazine did Thomas Paine help to edit?

30350. The fact is so ------------that no one ever succeeded even in defining it.

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