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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 5995

299751. Hyperphosphataemia is seen in -

299752. The following are contraindications of heart transplantation except -

299753. The following are rheumatoid disease modifying drugs except

299754. Causes of hypersensitive pneumonitis is -

299755. Uremia occurs when total GFR is reduced by -

299756. Hypersensitive pneumonitis is associated with -

299757. The commonest source of pulmonary embolism is -

299758. All are true about hemophilia, except -

299759. A 40-year-old women presents with hepatic failure, greenish brown deposits in Descemet's membrane of cornea and chureiform movements. The defect most likely responsible for the patient's disease is -

299760. In severe digitalis toxicity, the drug of choice is -

299761. True about post streptococcal glomerulonephritis is all except -

299762. Pneumatocele is commonly found in case of -

299763. Ventricular aneurysm has one of the following characteristic features -

299764. In membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis the characteristic feature is -

299765. Macrocytic anaemia is seen in all except -

299766. The most important criteria for the diagnosis of myocardial ischaemia on exercise test is -

299767. In the treatment of severe bradycardia, all of the following can be the best modality of treatment except -

299768. In a patient with brain abscess which investigation is contraindicated -

299769. Conn's syndrome is associated with all of the following,except:

299770. Which is least likely to cause constrictive pericarditis -

299771. Berger nephropathy disease is due to mesangial deposition of -

299772. False about jaundice is -

299773. A 30 year old male with NIDDM has a blood pressure of 150/90.His urine examination reveals persistent albuminuria in traces.The most appropriate line of treatment would be -

299774. In polycystic kidney disease cysts are seen in the all except:

299775. Wasting and fasciculation of the tongue is seen in all these conditions except -

299776. Increased 'anion gap' is not seen in

299777. In which renal tubular acidosis, is hyperkalemia a prominent feature -

299778. Centrally acting antihypertensive drugs are A/E -

299779. A 33yrs male with chronic diarrhoea, anemia, raised liver enzymes.Probably associated with -

299780. Progressive dementia without neurological signs is seen in -

299781. Cardiac abnormality seen with Noonan's syndrome is -

299782. All are true about perinatal transmission of HIV except -

299783. Which exclusively involve neurons -

299784. The drug of choice in the treatment of tropical sprue is -

299785. 'Intestinal angina' is a symptom complex of which of the following?

299786. Earliest symptom of myaesthenia is -

299787. A 45 old executive who is heavy smoker, had severe retrosternal discomfort while going to toitel at 7.00 am. ECG done immediately showed ST segment elevation in inferior leads which normalised within an hour.The most likely diagnosis is -

299788. Jaundice with 50% direct bilirubin,others LFT parameter are normal.Probable diagnosis is -

299789. Bacterial endocarditis is most commonly seen in -

299790. An individual is said to be 'overweight', if his BMI is in the range of -

299791. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.Features include all except -

299792. Increased risk of coronary heart disease is associated with -

299793. Young male with painless induration of penis, enlarged non tender genital lymph nodes.Cause is -

299794. Incorrect pairs is

299795. Incorrect pairs is

299796. Xylose absorption tests are good screening test for -

299797. ACNA is sensitive and specific for -

299798. ACNA is sensitive and specific for -

299799. In Kussmaul's sign there is-

299800. In Kussmaul's sign there is-

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