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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 5968

298401. Most common Intracranial neoplasm in adults is -

298402. Presence of haemiplegia with diminution of vision in the contralateral eye suggest occlusion of -

298403. Following statements stand true for telengiectasia of colon except:

298404. True statements about Fanconi's anemia ,Except.

298405. Bronchial breach sounds and Aegophony in a patient with pericardial effusion is known as -

298406. In a patient with ischaemic stroke, intravenous recombinant tissue plasminogenactivator has mainly been found to be useful during the initial -

298407. All drugs used to prevent contrast nephropathy,except -

298408. Digitalis toxicity produces the following changes in ECG except -

298409. Most common cause of hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism in males is:

298410. A 5yrs boy was given 8 days of cefaclor of a 10 days of course.The child develops low grade fever, malaise lymphadenopathy, irritability, generalized erythematous rash which are pruritic.Possble diagnosis is -

298411. Hang up reflex seen in -

298412. Renal osteo-dystrophy which accompanies renal failure results from -

298413. Degenerative changes are seen in .....Huntington's chorea -

298414. Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythm is the most common arrhythmia associated with which one of the bellow?

298415. All are true about indiopathic hypertrophic aortic stenosis except -

298416. Framingham criteria for diagnosis of congestive heart failure classifies the following as major criteria except -

298417. The commonest site of cerebral hemorrhage in hypertension is -

298418. Rapid X descent is unlikely in -

298419. Fanconi's syndrome is inherited as A/E -

298420. Pancoasts's triad include all of the following except -

298421. All of the following may be associated with massive proteinuria except -

298422. Macrocytic anaemia occurs in all, except -

298423. All are features of pyramidal tract lesion, except -

298424. Lung abscess in children may be produced by all of the following organism except -

298425. All are used in status epilepticus, except -

298426. HBsAg Carrier state not associated with -

298427. Hepatorenal syndrome type 1 is characterized by -

298428. In primary idiopathic polymyositis the following groups of muscles is almost nerve affected -

298429. The genetic defect in Dubin Johnson syndrome is -

298430. Which of the following is not transmited sexually:

298431. All causes spastic paraplegia,except:

298432. Pneumonia alba is due to -

298433. A patient with fracture pelvis.is admitted in ICU after surgery.Post operatively he develops sudden dyspnea and chest pain.The likely cause is:

298434. Which is least common site of berry aneurysm -

298435. Respiratory alkalosis occurs in -

298436. Which of the following is not used to treat acute pulmonary edema -

298437. All of the following conditions produce restrictive cardiomyopathy except -

298438. All are true about meningococcal meningitis except -

298439. Which one of the following is the cause of non cardiogenic pulmonary oedema seen in immunologic blood transfusion reaction -

298440. Agent of first choice in an acute attack of Prinzmetal's angina is

298441. Preferred drug in HOCM -

298442. Preferred drug in HOCM -

298443. Gum hypertrophy is seen in -

298444. Gum hypertrophy is seen in -

298445. Antidote for benzodiazepine poisoning is -

298446. Antidote for benzodiazepine poisoning is -

298447. Regarding thalassemia minor, the following is incorrect -

298448. Regarding thalassemia minor, the following is incorrect -

298449. Varying pulse pressure with normal rhythm is seen in -

298450. Varying pulse pressure with normal rhythm is seen in -

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