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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 5918

295901. Floor of digastric triangle is formed by -

295902. Floor of digastric triangle is formed by -

295903. True regarding knee movements are A/E -

295904. True regarding knee movements are A/E -

295905. The tympanic note on percussion in Traube's space on chest wall is due to which underlying structure ?

295906. False about ectodermal cleft is -

295907. Meckel's diverticulum is a remnant of -

295908. Aurebachs plexus is present in the -

295909. All of the following are present in Superficial perineal pouch except -

295910. Blood testis barrier is formed between -

295911. The following structure are felt on per rectal examination except -

295912. In case of IVC obstruction the collaterals which open up are all except -

295913. Lockwood ligament is eound in -

295914. Laryngeal skeleton has - Cartilages :

295915. All are developed from ectoderm except -

295916. The tympanic not on percussion in Traube's space on chest wall is due to which underlying structure ?

295917. Thymus develops from -

295918. Injury of which of these nerve cause vocal cord paralysis -

295919. The skin overlying the region where a venous 'cut-down' is made to access the Great saphenous vein is supplied by:

295920. Cystic artery arises from -

295921. Inferior thyroid artery arises from -

295922. Which of the following statement is correct regarding the trachea -

295923. Contents of anatomical snuff box are -

295924. A patient present with acute abdominal pain. On clinical suspicion the pt. underwent cholecystectomy. On histopathological examination the finding is abnormal.The gallbladder epithelium will be -

295925. Optic tract is related to -

295926. CSF is partly absorbed by lymphatics around cranial nerves -

295927. All are true about liver histology except -

295928. In the anterior abdominal wall,the deep inguinal ring comes in close relation to:

295929. All of the following are derivatives of the septum transversum except:

295930. The Ureter -

295931. First branch of facial nerve is -

295932. Taste sensation of anterior two third of tongue is carried by ?

295933. The ratina is an out growth of the -

295934. Branch of facial nerve in facial canal -

295935. Pseudounipolar neurons are seen in ?

295936. Genital swelling in male differentiate into -

295937. In spermatogenesis, independent assortment of maternal and paternal chromosome occurs during -

295938. Which structure lies midway between the ASIS and pubic symphysis -

295939. True about left phrenic nerve is -

295940. Ophthalmic artery is the branch of ...part of internal carotid artery -

295941. True about internal ear anatomy -

295942. Seventh, Ninth and Tenth cranial nerves end in -

295943. Cowper glands are found in -

295944. In the fracture of middle cranial fossa,absence of tears would be due to lesion in:

295945. True about Esophagus -

295946. The following statements are true regarding the SA node except -

295947. Isthmus of thyroid is at the level of -

295948. Floor of Fossa ovalis of the interatrial septum is formed by -

295949. Sphincter of Oddi consists of

295950. Efferents from cochlear nuchlear arise from -

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