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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 589

29451. किसने "किगं फैसल अंतर्राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कार ( KFIP )" 2015 जीता है?

29452. The chemical formula of sodium sulphite is

29453. The products that consumer doses not really consider buying is classified as

29454. गुरु शिखर कोणत्या पर्वतरांगेतील सर्वोच्च शिखर आहे?

29455. The 7805 regulator IC provides ________.

29456. महाराष्ट्र राज्याचा राज्यवृक्ष कोणता आहे.

29457. Which was Nathaniel Hawthorne’s first novel?

29458. What did Henry Stanley say when he found David Livingstone?

29459. In what way did states antagonize each other?

29460. Which of the following groups benefited most form Federalist land policy?

29461. Which college did Laurence Binyon attend?

29462. When did Max Weber write Essays on Art?

29463. The graph which shows the change in sold quantity and its affect on operating income is classified as

29464. துணைக்கோளை ஒரு வட்டப்பாதையில் இயக்குவதற்கு, துணைக்கோளுக்கும் புவிக்கும் இடையே அமையும் மைய நோக்கு விசை?

29465. The laser procedure, most often used for treating iris neovascularization, is -

29466. निम्न मे से किसे विरोधी दल का प्रथम नेता होने का गौरव प्राप्त है ?

29467. In a 6-bit Johnson counter sequence there are a total of how many states, or bit patterns?

29468. Good design determines

29469. All of the following are side effects of Amiodarone except:

29470. பூட்டான் நாட்டின் தேசிய விளையாட்டு?

29471. From among the following, choose one which is not an exothermic process.

29472. कोणत्या वर्षी भारतीय रुपयाचे दोनदा अवमूल्यन करण्यात आले ?

29473. When did William Somerset Maugham die?

29474. The simple interest at x% for x years will be Rs. x on sum of:

29475. The α-amino acids have a carboxyl group with a pK around __________ , and an amino group with a pK near __________ .

29476. A number when divided successively by 4 and 5 leaves remainders 1 and 4 respectively. When it is successively divided by 5 and 4, then the respective remainders will be

29477. भारतीय राज्यघटनेतील 61 वी घटनादुरुस्ती कोणत्या बाबीशी संबंधित आहे. 1) मतदाराची वयोमर्यादा 18 वर्षे करणे 2) उमेदवाराच्या पात्रतेसंबंधी 3) निवडणूक आुयुक्तांची संख्या 4) निवडणूकीतील गुन्हेगारी प्रवृत्तीला आळा घालणे. वरीलपौकी कोणते विधान बरोबर आहे.

29478. Most sensitive investigation for cystic fibrosis is ?

29479. निम्न में से कौनसा वार शताब्दी का अन्तिम वार नहीं हो सकता है ?

29480. 0.625 चे 12 टक्‍के किती.

29481. Judicial electrocution is carried out in -

29482. पीएचडी चैंबर ऑफ कॉमर्स एंड इंडस्ट्री (PHDCCI) द्वारा हाल ही में किस शहर में स्मार्ट ट्रांसपोर्टेशन इन्फ्रा समिट 2015 आयोजित किया जायेगा ?

29483. You can activate a cell by

29484. Cathode rays can move a paddle in their path this shows that they have

29485. ऑँग सान स्यू की यांच्या बाबतीत खालीलपौकी कोणते कथन बरोबर आहे

29486. ध्यानचंद पुरस्कार कशाकरता दिला जातो.

29487. मशीन लैंग्वेज का करती हैं ?

29488. The number of independent equations to be satisfied for static equilibrium of a plane structure is

29489. Which two statements describe the IP address 1.The subnet address is 2.The lowest host address in the subnet is 3.The last valid host address in the subnet is 255.

29490. Trendelenburg's test is positive in:

29491. The process of starting a or restarting a computer system by loading instructions from a secondary storage device into the computer memory is called

29492. How many non-overlapping channels are available with 802.11h?

29493. Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine’s mother?

29494. Where was Robert Kennedy born?

29495. Newly Inaugurated helpline 'Udyami' is to assist-

29496. Bottle A contains a solution which has 25% sulphuric acid and the rest water. Bottle B contains a solution that has 80% sulphuric acid and the rest water. 50 ml from bottle A is added to some quantity from bottle B. The resulting solution has 70% sul

29497. Which of the drug not cause of hypokalemia -

29498. Which of the following metals is used for genration of nuclear Energy by most of the Nuclear Power Plants ?

29499. Out of the following refrigration cycles, which one has the minimum COP (Co-efficient of performance)?

29500. The time frame to complete a transaction in bank is classified as

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