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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 5885

294251. Advantage of salmeterol over salbutamol is its

294252. A mylocardial infarct showing early granulation tissue has most likely occured

294253. Imatinib is used in the treatment of ?

294254. In a chronic alcoholic all the following may be seen in the liver except:

294255. All the following drugs are used in the management of obesity EXCEPT

294256. The statement that is NOT true of linezolid is that it -

294257. Nitroglycerine causes all,Except:

294258. A 70-year-old man was administered penicilline intravenously.Within 5 minutes,he developed generalised urticaria,swelling of lips,hypotension and bronchospasm.The first choice of treatment is to administer:

294259. Liver biopsy is carried out at 8th intercostal space in order to:

294260. Insulinoma is the most common functioning tumor of -

294261. Most common tumour of heart is:

294262. Karyotyping is done with all, except -

294263. All of the following are hormonal agents used against breast cancer except:

294264. In Anaphylatic shock epinephrine given by which route ?

294265. All of the following drugs may be used for motion sickness except:

294266. All of the following can precipitate porphyria,EXCEPT:

294267. Biopsy opposite breast is done in which histological subtype of breast cancer ?

294268. Cigar bodies are seen in ?

294269. Beta blocker with peripheral vasodilator action is:

294270. Most commonly employed stain for amyloidosis is:

294271. Prazosin is used in the preoperative preparation of:

294272. Viral HIV integrase inhibitors is

294273. Which of the following joint is characteristically involved in RA. -

294274. Octreotide is used in all except

294275. Apoptosis does not occur by normal capsase pathway in ?

294276. Clofazimine therapy causes:

294277. When a drug is evaluated for its usefulness in controlled conditions, it is termed as a trial signifying:

294278. The following statements regarding benzodiazepines are true except:

294279. Antifibrillary antibodies are met with

294280. Kidney biopsy from a child with hemolytic uremic syndrome characteristically most likely presents features of :

294281. Epitheloid granuloma may be seen in all of the following conditions except:

294282. All the following drugs decrease the preload except

294283. All of the following are known adverse effects of Thalidomide,Except.

294284. Even a large dosages used in malaria, quinine does not cause toxicity, because -

294285. All the following are examples of cardiotoxic drugs except

294286. Hidradenitis suppurativa is found in-

294287. Coagulative necrosis is seen in -

294288. Which of the following is contraindicated in pregnancy:

294289. All of the following are associated with low C3 level except:

294290. Osteoporosis is caused by all, except -

294291. Hematopoetic stem cell differ from progenitor stem cell in that they can -

294292. All of the following are true for complete mole EXCEPT -

294293. C-MYC translocation is seen in which of the following tumors ?

294294. In cystic fibrosis mutation occurs at ?

294295. All of the following undergo hepatic metabolism before excretion except:

294296. Most common cause of Abdominal aneurysm is

294297. Which of the following is the treatment of choice for cryptococcal meningitis?

294298. The blood in the vessels normally does not clot because:

294299. All drugs can be used in the treatment of H. Pylori infection except -

294300. HAM test is done for -

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