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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 588

29401. Which amongst the following is X linked recessive disorder ?

29402. In Reverse Polish notation, expression A*B C*D is written as

29403. Bubble free aeration systems requires

29404. In performing open circuit test of a transformer

29405. Bilobed-mass composed of two ganglia are present in the body of

29406. 'आज कार्यालय बंद आहे ' या वाक्याचा प्रकार ओळखा.

29407. The artificial kidney operates on the principle of

29408. Expenditure on research and development (R & D) is categorised as the __________ , while making an estimate of the total product cost for a chemical plant.

29409. Thymoma may be associated with A/E:

29410. Many times we read in financial newspapers/magazines about "Share Swap" done by big corporates. What is "Share Swap"? (A) A business takeover in which acquiring company uses its own stock to pay for the acquired company (B) When a company uses its own shares to get some short term loan for working capital requirement, it is known as Share Swap (C) When companies are required to float a new issue to earn capital for their expansion programmes, each shareholder gets some additional preferential shares. The process of the allotment of preferential share is known as Share Swap.

29411. Which of the following comes under the category of cell surface receptor?

29412. திறந்தவெளிப் பல்கலைக்கழகம் முதன்முதலில் ஆரம்பிக்கப்பட்ட நாடு?

29413. For storing water and acid free benzol, use a __________ vessel.

29414. Thermosplastic materials

29415. When speaking of computer input and output, input refers to—

29416. Corlicallesions are usually accompanied by word blindness due to involvement of -

29417. Planck proposed that energy travels in

29418. Pseudotumor cerebri is seen in -

29419. सहरिया जनजाति का कुंभ कहा जाता है -

29420. The sum of the two digits of a two digit number is 12 and the difference between the two digits of the two digit number is 6. What is the two digit number?

29421. The minimum energy required to pull the nucleus apart is called

29422. सर्वात अलीकडे शोधलेल्या मूलद्रव्याचे नाव काय?

29423. When the wavelength of incident X-rays increases, the angle of diffraction

29424. Which are the main source of biofertilisers?

29425. ஜீன்கள் என பெயரிட்டவர்?

29426. A तथा B एक कार्य को क्रमशः 45 तथा 40 दिन में पूरा कर सकते है उन्होंने उस कार्य को साथ-साथ करना शुरू किया | परन्तु A ने कुछ दिन के पश्चात कार्य को छोड़ दिया तथा B ने बाकी बचे कार्य को 23 दिन में पूरा किया | तो A ने कितने दिन के पश्चात उस कार्य को छोड़ा ?

29427. कौनसे मंत्रालय को ISO 9001:2008 प्राप्त हुआ है ?

29428. ஆயிரம் ஏரிகள் கொண்ட நாடு?

29429. वैदिक काल में राजा के पदाधिकारियों में सबसे अधिक सम्मानपूर्ण स्थान होता थाः ?

29430. Acids are always

29431. All of the following are derivatives of the septum transversum except:

29432. Enzymes can

29433. एफआईएच(FIH) महिला हॉकी विश्व लीग राउंड दो प्रतियोगिता शीर्षक किसके द्वारा जीता गया है ?

29434. हिमाचल प्रदेश में कुल कितनी आबाद गांव है ?

29435. The neurological disorder most commonly seen in CRF patients on dialysis -

29436. A body whose kinetic Energy is E is project at an angle 60 .Find out the Kinetic energy at the highest point?

29437. A warm spell in winter for seed is

29438. भारत के कितने राज्यो मे विधान परिषदें है ?

29439. Referring to Problem 23, what will the output voltage be if the coil\'s internal resistance is neglected?

29440. भारत में प्रथम कपड़ा मिल कहां स्थापित की गई ?

29441. Virulent strains of Agrobacterium contain large Ti-plasmids, which are responsible for the DNA transfer and subsequent disease symptoms. It has been shown that Ti-plasmids contain

29442. For an op-amp having a slew rate SR = 5 V/ms, what is the maximum closed-loop voltage gain that can be used when the input signal varies by 0.2 V in 10 ms?

29443. शांततेचे नोबेल वगळता अन्य नोबेल पारितोषिकांचे वितरण स्वीडन मधील स्टॉकहोम कॉन्सर्ट हॉल मध्ये केले जाते, तर शांततेचे नोबेल पारितोषिक कोठे दिले जाते?

29444. All of the following cause high anion gap metabolic acidosis except:

29445. Clostridium botulinum food poisoning is due to

29446. X-rays are produced when -

29447. MCQ Considering facts about comets, the most closest point to the Sun in the orbit of comet is known as

29448. What did champions of popular sovereignty believe?

29449. If ƒ(x) = x-2 and g(x) = √(x2+1, then (fog)(x) =

29450. India’s population is approximately—

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