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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 5797

289851. Which of the following is most radiosensitive -

289852. Which of the following radio-isotopes is commonly used as a source for external beam radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer patients:

289853. Consolidation of which portion of the lung is likely to obliterate the Aortic knuckle on X-ray chest:

289854. A young male is brought unconcious to the hospital with external injuries.CT brain showed No midline shift.Basal cistern were compressed with multiple small Haemorrhages.What is the likely diagnosis:

289855. On abdominal ultrasound gall bladder shows diffuse wall thickening with hyperechoic nodules at neck and comet tail artifacts.The most likely diagnosis will be -

289856. A patient is suspected to have vestibular shwanoma.The investigation of choice for its diagnosis is:

289857. USG can be used to diagnosis A/E-

289858. Gas in portal vein is seen in:

289859. Radiological finding in ileal atresia -

289860. A patient is having Mitral stenosis.His x-ray will show all of the following finding EXCEPT:

289861. At t=0 there are 6x1023 radioactive atoms of a substance,which decay with a disintegration constant (λ) equal to 0.01/sec.What would be the initial decay rate?

289862. Which of the following has not penetrating power?

289863. Radiological investigation of female of reproductive age group is restricted to -

289864. Which among the following is a cause of posterior mediastinal opacity on Posterior-Anterior(PA) and lateral view of chest radiograph ?

289865. Wimberger's sign is present in

289866. Which of the following elements is obsolete in radiotherapy -

289867. Which of the following is the best choice to evaluate radiologically a posterior fossa tumor?

289868. Pyloric stenosis is featured by a X-ray -

289869. High resolution CT of the lung is a specialized CT technique for greater detail of lung parenchyma and it utilizes -

289870. What is the principle that helps to produce body image in MRI -

289871. Radiological feature of cupping of metaphysis is seen in -

289872. Which of the following statements about contrast in radiography is true:

289873. X-ray showing double-bubble sign in-

289874. Which of the following isotopes is used for RAIU?

289875. X-ray appearance of CBD stone on cholangiography is -

289876. Kobners phenomenon is seen in -

289877. A child has multiple itchy papular lesions on the genitalia and fingers similar lesions are also seen in younger brother.Which of the following is most possible diagnosis?

289878. Erysipeloid is transmitted by -

289879. Which if the following statements is true regarding Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris -

289880. Eczema herpeticum seen with -

289881. Latest systemic oral medicine for scabies is

289882. Commonest cause of air borne contact dermatitis in India is -

289883. A 25 year old man presents with recurrent episodes of flexural eczema,contact urticaria,recurrent skininfections and severe abdominal cramps and diarrhoea upon taking sea foods.He is suffering from:

289884. Most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis in Indian females is:

289885. In pemphigus vulgaris, antibodies are present against -

289886. Acne vulgaris is caused by -

289887. Vagabond's disease is also known as -

289888. M.c. type of cutaneous T.B. is -

289889. Duration of treatment in pauci bacillary leprosy is -

289890. The daily dose of thalidomide for controlling E.N.L. is -

289891. All of the following are seen in psoriasis except -

289892. All are dermatological manifestations of dermatomyositis except -

289893. Which of the following is/are pruritic lesions -

289894. Multiple erythematous annular lesions with peripheral collorette of scales arranged predominantly over trunk are seen in:

289895. Papulovesicular lesions on face, trunk palm and sole in a 9 months old child is seen in -

289896. State like discolooration of the skin is caused by all these drugs except -

289897. A man aged 30 yrs presents with,alopecia,boggy scalp swelling and easily pluckable hair.Next step in establishing Diagnosis would be

289898. Rose spot are seen in -

289899. All are true regarding hereditary angioedema, except -

289900. E.N.L. is seen which type of leprosy -

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