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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 542

27101. Union Government has decided to set up a 4000 MW solar power project in Rajasthan at -

27102. The rate of solid-liquid extraction is limited by the

27103. India has emerged in the world as-

27104. A 40 year old man presents to casualty with history of regular and heavy use of alcohol for ten years and morning drinking for one year.The last alcohol intake was three days back.There is no history of head injury or seizures.On examination,there is no icterus,sign of hepatic encephalopathy or focal neurological sign.The patient had coarse tremors,visual hallucinations and had disorientation to time.Which of the following is the best medicine to be prescribed for such a patient?

27105. The speed of processor chip is measured in

27106. ३४० पानांच्या पुस्तकावर पान क्रमांक घालण्यास ३ हा अंक किती वेळा वापरावा लागेल ?

27107. The genetic code is degenerated. Which of the following codons represents the principle of degeneracy?

27108. The tighter probability distribution shows the

27109. मंत्रीपरिषदेविरुद्धचा अविश्वासाचा ठराव कोठे मांडला जातो?

27110. Which of the following disallows both dirty reads and nonrepeatable reads, but allows phantom reads?

27111. 331, 482, 551, 263, 383, 362, 284

27112. The operative procedure known as 'microfracture' is done for the

27113. A patient taking Ketoconazole and Terfenadine both,is prone for:

27114. M.C. site of Atopic dermatitis -

27115. Deepak said to me, "I had finished the coffee."

27116. स्केस्पेअरच्या हेम्लेट या नाटकाचे विकारविलासित या नावाने मराठी रूपांतरण करण्याचे श्रेय खालीलपैकी कोणास द्यावे लागेल ?

27117. Electrons involved in bonding are from

27118. A 11-month old boy,weighing 3 kg,has polyuria,polydipsia and delayed motor milestones.Blood investigations show creatinine of 0.5 mg/dl,potassium 3 mEq/l,sodium 125 mEq/l,chloride 88 mEq/l,calcium 8.8 mg/dl,pH 7.46 and bicarbonate 26 mEq/l.Ultrasonography shows medullary nephrocalcinosis.The most likely diagnosis is:

27119. भारताने कोणत्या दिवशी क्रिकेटचा विश्वचषक ‌दुसर्‍यांदा पटकाविला ?

27120. निम्नलिखित में से किसका प्रयोग करके, हाल ही में शोधकर्ताओं ने गैस फिलामेंट का उपयोग करते हुए दुनिया का सबसे पतला प्रकाश बल्ब बनाया है ?

27121. The first level of planning starts with

27122. For what did Frederick Soddy win Nobel Prize for Chemistry?

27123. The organic and physical chemist Jacobus Henricus van't Hoff was born in

27124. If a : b = 2 : 3, b : c = 4 : 5 and c : d = 6 : 7, then a : d is equal to:

27125. The most commonly used system for representing signed binary numbers is the:

27126. चंद्राचे परिवलन व परिभ्रमण होण्यासाठी ________ कालावधी लागतो.

27127. Ossicle most commonly involved in CSOM:

27128. उत्तर प्रदेश का सबसे बडा नगर (जनसंख्या की दृष्टि से) कौनसा है?

27129. निम्न में से कौन " निति आयोग" का एक पूर्णकालिक सदस्य बना है ?

27130. राष्ट्रीयीकृत बँकांचे सर्वात मोठे अपयश कोणते ?

27131. மனித உடலில் கனமான உறுப்பு?

27132. If memory access takes 20 ns with cache and 110 ns with out it, then the ratio( cache uses a 10 ns memory) is

27133. A digital quantity has

27134. ప్రైవేటు రంగ బ్యాంకు లను అదుపులో ఉంచు సంస్థ ఏది ?

27135. ई.एन.राममोहन समिती _______________ ह्या कारणासाठी नेमण्यात आली .

27136. Best investigation for bone metastasis is:

27137. Cyclosporine is active against -

27138. Which of the following assemblies can be stored in Global Assembly Cache?

27139. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is used in medical diagnosis to obtain images of our internal body organs. This is primarily possible because

27140. The yield on bond is 7% and the market required return is 14% then market risk premium is

27141. Which of the following statement is true regarding basal metabolic rate -

27142. If a discontinuity is shallow and broad like a scratch, the flux lines may stream-line below thediscontinuity. This will result in:

27143. A 270 metres long train running at the speed of 120 kmph crosses another train running in opposite direction at the speed of 80 kmph in 9 seconds. What is the length of the other train?

27144. देश में कहॉं पर टकसाल स्थापित हैं ?

27145. प्रदेश का निम्नलिखित में से कौनसा नगर ग्राण्ट ट्रंक रोड के अन्तर्गत नहीं आता है |

27146. Which is the capital of Michigan?

27147. When three hyphens, underscores, equal signs, asterisks, or number signs are typed and then the enter key is pressed, the AutoFormat feature _____.

27148. MICR stands for

27149. What temperature is maintained during anaerobic fermentation of white wine?

27150. Of the 100 cm3 urine, approx. nitrogenous wastes make up to

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