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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 5078

253901. Where did Max Weber study under Arthur Wesley Dow?

253902. Where did Melvin Schwartz die?

253903. What was Michael Crichton’s first name?

253904. Which was Michael Crichton’s first novel?

253905. Who was Michael Crichton’s wife in 1981-1983?

253906. Which is Minnesota’s state flower?

253907. Which is the highest point in Minnesota?

253908. What was Millard Fillmore’s profession?

253909. Which state is to the east of Minnesota?

253910. Whom did Millard Fillmore send to Japan for opening trade with it?

253911. Which is Minnesota’s state bird?

253912. Which state is to the east of Mississippi?

253913. Who was Alcorn University’s first president?

253914. When did Missouri become a state of USA?

253915. When was Elizabeth Female Academy founded?

253916. Who designed Missouri’s flag?

253917. When did Montana become a state of USA?

253918. When was Nathaniel Hawthorne born?

253919. Which of the following books of Nathaniel Hawthorne was not published in 1841?

253920. Which was Nathaniel Hawthorne’s first novel?

253921. Who sponsored the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

253922. When was Neil Armstrong born?

253923. Who of the following presidents of USA was born in New Hampshire?

253924. When was Nevada separated from Utah?

253925. Who was New Hampshire’s governor in 1741-1767?

253926. Which is Nevada’s state flower?

253927. Which state is to the east of Nevada?

253928. When was New Hampshire separated from Massachusetts?

253929. Which is the capital of New Hampshire?

253930. When was the Pueblo Rebellion?

253931. Who established a research laboratory in Menlo Park in 1876?

253932. Who sold his rights to half of New Jersey to the Quakers in 1674?

253933. Who was the first European to reach New Jersey?

253934. What is the motto of New Mexico?

253935. When did New Mexico become a state of USA?

253936. Which country is to the south of New Mexico?

253937. Which is the capital of New Mexico?

253938. Which is the highest point in New Mexico?

253939. Which state is to the north of New Mexico?

253940. When was College of New Jersey’s name changed to Princeton University?

253941. Who conquered New Mexico for USA?

253942. Which is the capital of New Jersey?

253943. Who founded Albuquerque?

253944. Who reconquered New Mexico for Spain?

253945. When did the Dutch establish Fort Orange?

253946. Who was New York’s first governor after independence?

253947. When did Nikola Tesla invent the Tesla coil?

253948. When was Nikola Tesla born?

253949. Where did Norbert Wiener die?

253950. Which college did Norbert Wiener attend?

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