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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 5076

253801. What was James Garner’s role in the TV serial The Rockford Files?

253802. When did James Garner marry Lois Clarke?

253803. Who were James Garner’s co-stars in The Children’s Hour?

253804. Which of the following novels is not a Leatherstoking novel?

253805. Which of the following novels is not a sea novel?

253806. In which film James Garner played the “Scrounger”?

253807. Which parallel was set as boundary between USA and Canada on 20/10/1818?

253808. To which political party did James Madison belong?

253809. What was James Madison’s height?

253810. What was James Madison’s occupation?

253811. When was James Madison President of USA?

253812. Which of the following nicknames applies to James Madison?

253813. Who was the President when James Madison was Secretary of State?

253814. Who wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

253815. How is the period of James Monroe’s Presidency known?

253816. What was James Monroe’s occupation?

253817. When was James Monroe Member of Continental Congress?

253818. When was James Pritchard born?

253819. From which country USA got California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and parts of Colorado and Wyoming in 1848?

253820. What was “Manifest Destiny”?

253821. Which war put an end to James Pritchard’s excavations in the Jordan Valley?

253822. What was James Polk’s profession?

253823. What was widely used to disseminate the news of James Polk’s nomination?

253824. When was James Polk the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives?

253825. When did James Pritchard die?

253826. Which college did Jerome David Salinger attend?

253827. What was Jesse Owens’ name at the time of his birth?

253828. Where did Jesse Owens die?

253829. By how many electoral votes did John Adams defeat Thomas Jefferson?

253830. How is Braintree, where John Adams was born and died, known now?

253831. How were the three French agents who demanded bribes from American representatives were referred?

253832. On 1 November 1800 John Adams moved to Executive Mansion. How is Executive Mansion known today?

253833. To which political party did John Adams belong?

253834. Whom did John Adams appoint as Secretary of State?

253835. How much time did Jesse Owens take to win 200m race in Berlin Olympics 1936?

253836. Where was John Bardeen born?

253837. Where did John Harvey Kellogg die?

253838. What is John F. Kennedy’s mother’s maiden surname?

253839. Where was John Harvey Kellogg born?

253840. Which college did John Harvey Kellogg found?

253841. Which company was founded by John Harvey Kellogg’s patient Charles William Post?

253842. Whom did John F. Kennedy marry?

253843. Where did John Nash work as C. L. E. Moore Instructor?

253844. Where was John Nash born?

253845. Who wrote a biography of John Nash in 1998?

253846. Where was John Qunicy Adams born?

253847. Which battle did John Qunicy Adams watch from Penn’s Hill in 1767?

253848. From which institute did John Nash receive his bachelor’s and master’s degrees?

253849. From which university did John Nash receive his doctorate in mathematics?

253850. What was John Tyler’s profession?

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