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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 501

25051. Which of the following works as the executive body of the Zila Parishad ?

25052. भारतीय स्वातंत्र्याच्या वेळी इंग्लंडचे पंतप्रधान कोण होते ?

25053. The concept of the Judicial review has been borrowed from the Constitution of?

25054. At what age Horatio Nelson join the Navy?

25055. The smallest size of a cell which can be seen directly by the eye is

25056. The value of stock is $1200 and the preferred dividend is $120 then the required rate of return is

25057. In a query, using the keyword_________will return records in which the field value is between two numbers.

25058. महाराष्ट्राची पूर्वेकडील नैसर्गिक सीमा ओळखा.

25059. Which is not a step that should be followed in project management?

25060. இரத்த உறைதலுக்கு அவசியமான வைட்டமின் மற்றும் தாது உப்பை ( தனிமத்தை ) பெயரிடு?

25061. The risk associated with the project and the way considered by well diversified stockholder is classified as

25062. TRIPS (Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) agreement is administered by:

25063. धनायन तथा ऋणायन के बीच आकष॔ण के फल्स्वरुप निर्मित आबंध को क्या नाम दिया गया ?

25064. During the Sultanate period the Zakat Tax was levied on which of the following?

25065. Which is a regenerative furnace ?

25066. microprocessor carryout the subtraction by

25067. Which of the following statements are correct about JIT? 1.JIT compiler compiles instructions into machine code at run time. 2.The code compiler by the JIT compiler runs under CLR. 3.The instructions compiled by JIT compilers are written in

25068. World Economic Outlook' report is published by--

25069. The units of stress are

25070. Position of mid-inguinal points is ?

25071. हाल ही में, निम्नलिखित में से कौन बी.बी. टंडन से मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त के रूप में पदभार संभाल लिया है ?

25072. In case of malnutrition, the basic body needs are met through the consumption of stored

25073. महाराष्‍ट्रातील सिंचन क्षेत्रानुसार पुढील सिंचन स्‍त्रोत उतरत्‍या क्रमाने लावा. 1) सरकारी कालवे 2) खाजगी कालवे 3) विहिरी 4) तलाव

25074. The reaction between phenyl amine and nitrous acid producing diazonium ion while making azo dye is called

25075. Unless new reserves are found soon, the world’s supply of coal is being --------in such a way that with demand continuing to grow at present rates, reserves will be----------by the year 2050.

25076. Which book did Johannes Kepler write in 1596 in defence of Copernican System?

25077. डॉ. पंजाबराव देशमुख यांच्याबद्दल अयोग्य विधान ओळखा.

25078. दगडी कोळशाच्या खाणींसाठी प्रसिद्ध असलेले 'राणीगंज ' हे ठिकाण खालीलपैकी कोणत्या खोरयात वसले आहे.

25079. Which of the following is only a star?

25080. The criteria or standard of how marketing offering meet the initial demand is classified as

25081. In which of the following, ring sideroblasts are seen?

25082. What was Irving Berlin’s original name?

25083. In _____________ state of a process, the process will be terminated and the information will still be available in the process table.

25084. कालक्रम की दृष्टि से सही विकल्प चुनिए ः

25085. 2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in

25086. 2012 चा सरस्वती सन्मान कोणाला बहाल करण्यात आला ?

25087. किस देश के वैज्ञानिकों द्वारा विश्व का पहला लचीला एवं त्वचा जितना पतला डिस्प्ले तैयार किया गया है ?

25088. Reduction involves

25089. During decarburising of a plain carbon steel, the thickness of ferrite layer growth is proportional to

25090. For what value of Prandtl number, St = f/2?

25091. पंजाब में अहमदिया आन्दोलन किसने प्रारम्भ किया था ?

25092. The maximum specific growth rate (μm) of an organism in batch culture is equal to slope of a plot of

25093. The unity of Planck\'s constant \'h\' in the equation, E = hv is

25094. These are used to attach parts to a cylinder so they won't turn on it:

25095. The current through each resistor when they are connected in series is

25096. Which is the phylum of apple?

25097. Which of the following is not true in the case of Motor Neuron Disease ?

25098. The specific heat capacity of a substance is equal to

25099. Active reabsorption of glucose occurs in the -

25100. एका ग्रंथालयात 84 विद्यार्थी बसले आहेत. त्यांना 6 गटात असे विभागा कि, जेणेकरून प्रत्येक गटात 7 पेक्षा कमी आणि 18 पेक्षा जास्त विद्यार्थी नसतील, तर किती जणांचा गट असेल?

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