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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4932

246601. A female comes with normal breast development but a scanty pubic hair is suffering from ?

246602. A 55 year old lady presenting to out department(OPD)with postmenopausal bleeding for 3 months has a 1×1 cm nodule on the anterior lip of cervix.The most appropriate investigation to be done subsequently is:

246603. A female having 6 weeks ammorrhea presents with ovarian cyst.The proper management is:

246604. A lady G4 P3+0 at 24 weeks gestation presents with chief complaint of abdominal pain.On examination tenderness in continuity with uterus is found.Most likely cause is

246605. A lady has ovarian mass. X-ray pelvis shows a radioopaque shadow the probable diagnosis is –

246606. A female with 45XO genotype has primary amenorrhoea.Most likely diagnosis is:

246607. A lady has recurrent abortion in 1st trimester with history of autosomal recessive disorder in family.The true statement regarding this is-

246608. A female with recurrent abortion and isolated prolonged APTT is most likely associated with –

246609. A lady presented with creamy white vaginal discharge with fishy odour, drug of choice is

246610. A full time primipara comes with bleeding p/v. Next time of management is –

246611. A lady presented with features of threatened abortionat 32 weeks of pregnancy. Which of the following statements with regard to antibiotic usage is not correct

246612. A G2 P1+o+0 diabetic mother present at 32 weeks pregnancy there is history of full term fetal demise in last pregnancy.Her vitals are stable,sugar is controlled and fetus is stable.Which among the following will be the most appropriate management?

246613. A girl presents with;primary amenorrhea;grade V thelarche,grade II pubarche;no axillary hair;likely diagnosis is:

246614. A girl presents,with cystic swelling at the junction of lower 1/3rd and upper 2/3rd of anterior wall of vagina at 10 O’ Clock.The Diagnosis is:

246615. A gravida 2 with 1 normal live birth has presented with transverse lie at 37 week.What should be the next step of management ?

246616. A hemodynamically stable nulliparous patient with ectopic pregnancy has adnexal mass of 2.5 x 3 cms and Beta hCG titer of 1500 miu/ml.What modality of treatment is suitable for her:

246617. A hirsuite lady with PCOD treatment is

246618. A hypertensive pregnant woman at 34 weeks comes with history of pain in abdomen,bleeding per vaginum and loss of fetal movements.On examination the uterus is contracted with increased uterine tone.Fetal heart sound are absent.The most likely diagnosis is:

246619. A lady approaches a physician for contraceptive advice.On examination there were two symmetrical ulcers on vulva,which were well defined with firm base which of the following is most likely cause

246620. A lady comes in casualty with fulminant hepatitis she is Gravida 2 and Parity 1 Most likely cause will be

246621. A lady G2P1 with 10 wks pregnancy with one live child has occular toxoplasmosis.The risk of present baby to get infected is-

246622. A lady with CA ovary in follow up with raised Ca 125 level, next step –

246623. A lady with placenta previa delivered a baby.She had excesive bleeding and shock.After resuscitation most likely complication would be-

246624. A lady with prolapsed uterus after Fothergill’s repair will complain of following except

246625. A large Baby is born.The likely complication in pregnancy is:

246626. A middle aged female presents with increasing visual loss,breast enlargement and irregular menses.Investigation of choices would be:

246627. A mother is HbsAg positive and antiHbcAg positive.Risk of transmission of hepatitis B in child is-

246628. A lady presented with secondary amenorrhea 6 months after having an abortion. Her FSH levels were measured as 6 mIU/ml what is the most probable diagnosis

246629. A mother with 10 wks pregnancy and who had previously baby with open neural tube defect which statement is true-

246630. A lady presents after delivery of a baby with hard uterus and painless vaginal bleeding;diagnosis is:

246631. A patient at 17 weeks gestation is diagnosed as having an intrauterine fetal demise.She returns to your office 5 weeks later and has not had a miscarriage,although she has had some occasional spotting.This patient is at increased risk for:

246632. A lady presents at 37 weeks of gestation with uterine contraction and pain suggestive of labour for 10 hours.On examination cervix is persistently 1 cm dilated and uneffaced.What should be the next line of treatment?

246633. A patient complaining of dribbling of urine through vagina during micturition.Diagnosis is:

246634. A lady presents with 37 weeks pregnancy with features of PET(B.P-170/110,Proteinuria 3+,Retinal hemorrhage).Next step of management would be:

246635. A patient complains of post coital bleed;no growth is seen,on per speculum examination;next step should be:

246636. A lady undergoes total redical hysterectomy for stage Ib Ca cervix. It was found that Ca extends to lower part of body of uterus and upper part of cervix.Next step of management will be –

246637. A lady with 10-12 wks pregnancy develops acute retention of urine.The likely cause is-

246638. A lady with 12 wks of pregnancy having fasting blood glucose 170mg,the antidiabetic drug of choice is-

246639. A lady with 37 weeks pregnancy,presented with bleeding per vagina.Investigation shows severe degree of placenta previa.The treatment is:

246640. A lady with 38 wks pregnancy and painless vaginal bleeding comes to casualty.On examination head is engaged and uterus is non tender and relaxed.The next line of treatment is:

246641. A lady with 8 wks pregnancy presented with random blood glucose of 177mg/dl.The treatment is:

246642. A patient presents with amenorrhoea, vaginal bleeding, more fundal height than gestational age and snowstorm appearance on ultrasound.Diagnosis is –

246643. A patient treated for infertility with clomiphene citrate presents with sudden onset of abdominal pain and distension with ascites.The probable cause is-

246644. A patient with carcinoma cervix presents with –

246645. A patient with discharge pervagina was evaluated and on endocervical biopsy chlamydia was found treatment to be given in this case in-

246646. A perimenopausal lady with well differentiated adeno carcinoma of uterus has more than half myometrial invasion,vaginal metastasis and inguinal lymph node metastasis.She is staged as

246647. A postpartum female on the 5th comes for consultation to a medical officer.She c/o reddish sero-mucosal discharge per vagina.The medical officer suggests that it is common upto:

246648. A pregnancy female,38 years old,had a child with Down’s syndrome.How do you assess the risk of Down’s syndrome in the present pregnancy?

246649. A pregnant diabetic on oral sulphonyl urea therapy is shifted to insulin.All of the following are true regarding this,except:

246650. A pregnant female at 35 weeks of pregnancy is disgnosed with SLE.Drugs that can be used to treat are all except –

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