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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4921

246051. false about Hemophilus influenzae is-

246052. False regarding filariasis is –

246053. Germ tube test is diagnosis for –

246054. Giardiasis is associated with –

246055. Glassware and syringes are sterilized by:

246056. Gonococcus does not involve –

246057. Gonorrhea can be identified by ?

246058. Gram negative cocci is ?

246059. Gram negative occurs is ?

246060. Gas gangrene is caused by –

246061. HACEK group of organism includes all except –

246062. Gas gangrene is caused by all except

246063. Gas gangrene is not caused by ?

246064. Gram stained periorbital exudates in severe panopthalmitis with cellulitis in an elderly diabetic shows irregular branching aseptate and broad hyphae.Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis:

246065. Hepatitis B vaccination is given to a patient.His serum will reveal:

246066. Hepatitis C virus TRUE finding is –

246067. Hepatitis is caused by all except-

246068. Heptane is:

246069. Herpes-Zoster is caused by:

246070. HIV can be detected and confirmed by:

246071. Haemophilus ducreyi causes:

246072. HIV primarily infects ?

246073. Hand foot mouth syndrome is caused by ?

246074. HIV pt with malabsotion,fever,chronic diarrhoea,with acid fast positive organism.What is the causative agent ?

246075. Haverhill fever is caused by:

246076. HIV virus contains:

246077. Heart lung machines are sterilized by –

246078. HIV virus primarily replicates in ?

246079. Heat labile instruments for use in surgical procedures can be best sterilized by :

246080. Heat stable enterotoxin causing food poisoning is caused by all the following except:

246081. Helper cells belong to

246082. Hypogammaglobinemia causes ?

246083. IL-1 produces

246084. IL-2 is produced by:

246085. IL-2 is secreted by –

246086. Immunoglobulin bound on the surface of bacteria mediates phagocytosis by (Pagocytosis causes complement activation by)-

246087. Immunoglobulin in peyer’s patch is ?

246088. Immunoglobulin present in local secretions is ?

246089. Immunoglobulin that is inactive at high temperature is ?

246090. Immunoglobulin which cross placenta readily is ?

246091. In a 5 year old boy who has history of pyogenic by bacteria with polysaccharide-rich capsules, which of the following investigation should be done ?

246092. In a patient of orbital cellulitis,micro organism on culture show greenish colonies and optochin sensitivity.The most likely organism is:

246093. Inclusion bodies of trachoma are stained with /

246094. Incubation period of gas gangrene is ?

246095. Incubation period of yellow fever is ?

246096. Infection occurring after man’s bite is –

246097. Infection with Hepatitis B virus is associated with the appearance in the blood of all of the following except –

246098. In plasma sterilization control used in-

246099. Infective dose of Salmonella typhi is:

246100. In PNH the test of antigen from RBC cell surface is:

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