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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 489

24451. The diameter of the nucleus of an atom is of the order of

24452. निम्न मे से आंत्रिक रस होता है ?

24453. How many copies of a JSP page can be in memory at a time?

24454. केन्द्रीय बिक्री कर की शुरुआत कितनी प्रतिशत दर से हुई थी ?

24455. Is the following statement a declaration or definition?extern int i;

24456. प्लास्टिड के प्रकार है ?

24457. Type of surveillance include in integrated disease control program for non communicable disease is ?

24458. As long as op-amp is not saturated, the potential difference between inverting and non-inverting inputs is

24459. The Forest Research Institute is situated at -

24460. When was Flannery O’Connor born?

24461. Which of the following affect the Kolmogorov eddy size?

24462. 5.Which of the following is an advantage of interrupt – driven I/O over programmed I/O?

24463. Peptone means the bond between

24464. गैगिंग अधिनियम किस गवर्नर जनरल के समय पारित हुआ ?

24465. The graph of p against 1⁄V is

24466. राज्यसभेचा सदस्य खालीलपैकी कोणते पद भूषवू शकणार नाही ?

24467. Mulk Raj Anand is the author of

24468. Vinegar is typically produced in fed batch reactors because

24469. The SI unit of moment of force is

24470. A money lender finds that dues to a fall in the annual rate of interest from 8% to 7x3/4%, his yearly income diminishes by Rs. 61.50. His capital is

24471. All float in a saturated salt solution except -

24472. Condensation polymerization reactions produce

24473. Which of the following antimicrobial agents do not require reduction in dose in patients with renal failure.

24474. True about bone tumour is-

24475. "मन्दिरों का शहर" किस नगर को कहा जाता हैं ?

24476. सरहुल पर्व किस दिन मनाया जाता है ?

24477. Sub-partner in the partnership is?

24478. A 16-input multiplexer is to be used to perform parallel-to-serial data conversion. Which of the following counters would be required to provide the data select inputs?

24479. Which of the following statements are correct? 1.All operators in C#.NET can be overloaded. 2.We can use the new modifier to modify a nested type if the nested type is hiding another type. 3.In case of operator overloading all parameters

24480. First sign of optic nerve disease is -

24481. The venom of Cobra is -

24482. Carotid massage is useful in -

24483. Who is popularly known as \'Father of Indian Constitution\'?

24484. In career development, offering and discussing variety of paths for career development is included in

24485. Which is not a relevant feature of CASE tools?

24486. 2011 च्या जनगणनेनुसार महाराष्ट्रात ______________ ह्या एकमात्र जिल्ह्यात लिंग गुणोत्तर 1000 पेक्षा अधिक आहे, म्हणजेच स्त्रियांची संख्या पुरुषांपेक्षा जास्त आहे.

24487. When was William Bradford Shockley born?

24488. Who was founder of the All India Trade Union Congress?

24489. In which of the following heart disease maternal mortality is found to be highest ?

24490. A 31 yrs old male with Nephrotic syndrome complains of pain in right hip joint of 2 months duration.The movements at the hip are free but painful terminally.The most likely diagnosis is:

24491. राज्य के किस जिले में 2,800 मेगावट के नाभिकीय विद्युत केन्द्र की स्थापना की जाएगी ?

24492. Fetal hydronephrosis is diagnosed in a mother at 34 weeks gestation.The amniotic fluid is normal.Which of the following is the most appropriate management

24493. An individual is said to be 'overweight', if his BMI is in the range of -

24494. Tegaserod is a newer -

24495. The inosine and hypoxanthine can be determined simultaneously by using

24496. उपनषिदों

24497. An Employee class has a property called age and emp is reference to a Employee object and we want the statement Console.WriteLine(emp.age) to fail. Which of the following options will ensure this functionality?

24498. In active filter, what type of filter passes a range of frequency and a certain higher frequency?

24499. 2001 की तुलना में वर्ष 2011 में उत्तर प्रदेश की साक्षरता में कितनी प्रतिशत वृद्धि हुई ?

24500. भारतीय रिझर्व्ह बँकेद्वारा मुद्रापुरवठा मापनाच्या प्रचालांची नव्याने व्याख्या करण्यासाठी अलीकडच्या काळात नियुक्त केलेल्या कार्य गटाने भारतातील मुद्रापुरावठ्याच्या संकल्पनेतून खालील घटक रद्द केला आहे.

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