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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4787

239351. The structure found in a cross-section of the thorax at T4 vertebra is:

239352. The vitelline vein forms the

239353. The weight of the upper limb is transmitted to the axial skeleton by:

239354. These ventral spinal rootlets are more prone to injury during decompressive operations because they are shorter and exit in a more horizontal direction:

239355. Third coronary artery is –

239356. Third head of coracobrachialis is ?

239357. Thoracic duct is also called –

239358. Thoracic duct starts at –

239359. Thoracic Sympathetic Chain is situated –

239360. To give inferior alveolar nerve block the nerve is approached lateral to pterygomandibular raphe between the buccinator and:

239361. The umbilical cord contains:

239362. Torus aorticus is an impression seen in the cavity of –

239363. The Ureter –

239364. Tours aorticus is ?

239365. The ureter is lined by….epithelium-

239366. The vertebral artery traverses all of the following except –

239367. Trapezoid body is associated with –

239368. Trapezoid body is related to:

239369. Trendelenberg sign is positive in paralysis of all except:

239370. ‘Trendelenburg sign’ is positive in damage of the following nerve:

239371. Trendelenburg test is positive due to injury to which of the following nerve?

239372. Tributaries of left renal vein are all except –

239373. Tributary of the cavernous sinus includes all of the following,Except:

239374. Trigmenial nerve has how many nuclei in CNS –

239375. Trigone of the urinary bladder is developed from –

239376. Toynbee’s muscle is –

239377. Trochlear nerve all true except-

239378. True about internal ear anatomy –

239379. True about Latissimus dorsi –

239380. True about ankle joint is/are –

239381. True about left phrenic nerve

239382. True about boundaries of inguinal canal are all except ?

239383. True about left phrenic nerve is

239384. True about boundaries of lesser sac –

239385. True about left phrenic nerve is –

239386. True about brachiocephalic vein is all except –

239387. True about foramen of Morgagni-

239388. True about histology of small intestine is –

239389. True about hyaline cartilage:

239390. True about inferior vena cava –

239391. True about inguinal canal –

239392. True about sympathetic ganglion –

239393. True about synovial membrane of knee joint is

239394. True about level III nodes in Axilla is ?

239395. True about synovial membrane of knee joint is –

239396. True about median nerve is/are –

239397. True about testis

239398. True about Pectoralis major muscle –

239399. True about the anatomy of great saphenous vein –

239400. True about peripheral nerve injury in upper limb –

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