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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 4777

238851. Horner’s syndrome occurs due to pressure on the

238852. In adults, the spinal cord normally ends at:

238853. Hydatidiform-mole, blood cells does not develop because defect in –

238854. In an adult male,on per rectal examination,the following structures can be felt anteriorly except:

238855. Hydatidiform-mole,blood cells does NOT develop because defect in

238856. In an adult, the spinal cord ends at –

238857. Hyoid bone is at which vertebral level ?

238858. Hypogastric Sheath is a condensation of

238859. Hypoglossal nerve is related to –

238860. Hypoglossal nerve supplies all muscles except –

238861. If circumflex artery gives the posterior interventricular branch, this circulation is described as –

238862. Ilio femoral ligament arise from –

238863. Iliopsoas does all of the following except:

238864. Implantation occurs at the stage of

238865. In a case of chest pain with pericarditis and pericardial effussios, pain is referred by –

238866. In a patient with a tumor in superior mediatinum compressing the superior vena cava,all of the following veins would serve as alternate pathways for the blood to return to the right atrium, except:

238867. In a post polio case,ilio-tibial tract contracture is likely to result in:

238868. In a subclavian artery block at outer border of 1st rib, all of the following arteries help in maintining the circulation to upper limb except ?

238869. In female child at birth oocyte is in stage of –

238870. In forceful inversion of foot, fracture of the tuberosity of 5th metatarsal is due to pull exerted by which tendon –

238871. In fracture of penis involving rupture of tunica albuginea with intact Buch’s fascia following would be noted clinically –

238872. In injury to head of fibula, all are involved except-

238873. In an adult,the spinal cord ends at

238874. In Inversion of foot plantar surface faces –

238875. In breast, Copper’s ligament extends from subcutaneous tissue to –

238876. In median nerve is injured at the wrist then loss of function of all of the following will take place except –

238877. In carcinoma bas of tongue pain is refered to the ear through –

238878. In obstruction of second part of axillary artery, the anostomosis between the following artery will maintain the blood supply of upper limb –

238879. In case of coarctation of aorta which of the following is not involved in collateral formation –

238880. In case of IVC obstruction the collaterals which open up are all except –

238881. In case of pulmonary thromboembolism, the source of embolus is usually –

238882. In CNS, myelin sheath of Neurons is formed by ?

238883. In deltoid paralysis, which nerve is involved –

238884. In dislocation of the jaw,displacement of the articular disc beyond the articular tubercle of the temporomandibular joint results from spasm or excessive contraction of the following muscle?

238885. In relation to other metacarpals, the first metacarpal is –

238886. In spermatogenesis, independent assortment of maternal and paternal chromosome occurs during –

238887. In standing position, Venous return to heart from lower limbs is affected by all of the following except –

238888. In temporomandibular joint least vascularity is seen in which of the following:

238889. In the neurohypophysis, secretory granules accumulate in

238890. In the postnatal period the greatest growth in the grey matter of the CNS is of

238891. In the treatment of cyanide poisoning , following drugs are used, except

238892. In phocomelia there is:

238893. In Ulnar nerve injury in arm, all of the following are seen except –

238894. In portal hypertension lower end of the oesophagus may show dilatation of veins.Which of the following veins drains into the portal vein from the lower end of the oesophagus ?

238895. Ina subclavian artery block at the outer border of 1st rib,all of the following arteries help in maintaining the circulation to upper limb except –

238896. In post ductal coarctaion of the aorta,blood flow to the lower limb is maintained through which of the following arteries-

238897. Incudo malleal joint is an example of ?

238898. In post ductal coarctation of the aorta, blood flow to the lower limb is maintained through which of the following arteries –

238899. In rectus sheath which branches of aorta make anastomosis with superior epigastric artery –

238900. In relation to chordatympani nerve which of the following statement is true –

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