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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 477

23851. Viral infections frequently observed in HIV disease is /are

23852. High temperature in gasification of coal favours

23853. 'ब'ची आई ही 'अ'च्या आईची सासू आहे परंतु 'ब' हा 'अ'चा पिता नाही. अशा परिस्थितीत 'ब' हा 'अ'चा कोण आहे?

23854. All of the following controls are based directly on the concept of straightness except:

23855. Where did Ernest Hemingway die?

23856. A 30 yrs women 2+, hypertension have menorrhagia. which is best treatment for her-

23857. मुंबईमध्ये कोणत्या प्रकारची आपत्ती घन कचर्‍याचे योग्य व्यवस्थापन करून सौम्य करता येईल ?

23858. மருந்து வகை சோப்புகள் தயாரிக்கப்பயன்படும் அமிலம்?

23859. What does the Tenth Amendment state?

23860. The Govt. of India provides direct financial support to which of the following schemes ?

23861. Which Jackie Collins novel is the longest?

23862. This US Army general commanded the ground invasion of CubaHe was so fat and ill his men carried him around on a door

23863. Which of the following are true about firewalls?

23864. Which of the following statements are correct: 1. The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) is located presently in six places. 2. Among the places where NIPER is located, Raibareli & Gawhati are two of them

23865. Which of the following statements are correct about static functions?

23866. Objects that are symmetric can be shown effectively using this type of section:

23867. In Pakistan soil is replenished by

23868. லோக்சபாவிற்கு எத்தனை ஆங்கிலோ இந்தியர்கள் நியமிக்கப்படலாம்?

23869. संविधान के 21 वे संशोधन द्वारा संविधान की आठवी अनुसूची में निम्न मे कौनसी भाषा शामिल कि गई ?

23870. छत्तीसगढ़ में सर्वाधिक भैंसे किस अभयारण्य में पाए जाते है ?

23871. बॉम्बे हाय व्यतिरिक्त कोकण किनारपट्टीजवळ खनिज .... तेलसाठा कोठे सापडतो ?

23872. Adjuvant chemotherapy is of definite value in -

23873. When did Lawrence Bragg become a lecturer at Trinity College?

23874. When was Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary published?

23875. எலிகளுக்கு கேட்கும் திறன் மனிதனை விட .................... மடங்கு அதிகம்?

23876. If R1is the region of convergence of x (n) and R2 is the region of convergence ofy(n), then the region of convergence of x (n) convoluted y (n) is

23877. when you print preview a worksheet

23878. A common-drain amplifier is similar in configuration to which BJT amplifier?

23879. अनिरुद्ध राय की मृत्यु कब हुई थी ?

23880. Which of the following statements would be appropriate while comparing bubble column and air lift fermenter of the same size?

23881. 9 और 36 किमी विततानुपात के क्रमशः प्रथम एवं व्दितीय पद है | इसका तृतीयानुपाती ज्ञात कीजिए ?

23882. In direct method of contouring, the process of locating or identifying points lying on a contour is called

23883. The seat of International Court of Justice is established at

23884. In glutathione which amino acid is reducing agent -

23885. Which of the following is the suitable temperature range for mesophiles?

23886. The Candida species require fermentation equipment lined with plastic because they are extremely sensitive to

23887. 2011 में लोकायुक्त विधेयक पारित करने वाला प्रथम भारतीय राज्य है -

23888. इनमे से किस व्यक्ति ने वाराणसी में हाल ही में पुनर्निर्मित ऐतिहासिक अस्सी घाट पर एक विशेष सफाई अभियान प्रारंभ किया है ?

23889. Codes consisting or Bars or lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer-readable are known as-

23890. What is the difference between a 7490 and a 7492?

23891. கந்தகம் காணப்படாத நிலக்கரி வகை?

23892. Inheritance is which of the following?

23893. பித்தநீரைச் சுரப்பது?

23894. Human transmission of Brucellae occurs by

23895. The total number of High Courts in India at present is?

23896. The mass of a body at the center of earth is -

23897. In the east of West Bengal lies -

23898. This is the theoretically exact size from which limits of size are determined:

23899. Which of the following is used in both teletherapy and Brachytherapy -

23900. To stop ATP synthesis which chemical is generally used?

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